“American Horror Story: Cult” Premieres

By Meliha Gutic

Assistant Arts & Entertainment Editor

On Sept. 5th, “American Horror Story: Cult” premiered its seventh season on FX.

It was announced this past winter by creator, Ryan Murphy, on “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen” that this season would be based on the 2016 presidential election.

In previous seasons, there have been underlying themes, such as insane asylums, witches and ghosts.  This season will be a political theme and showcase the current political climate.

“I don’t follow politics, but seeing it in that context played out on the show really freaked me out. It was interesting to see,” said senior, Alex Grobleski.

In the first few minutes, recurring actors, Sarah Paulson (Ally Mayfair-Richards) and Evan Peters (Kai Anderson) are introduced.

Paulson plays the character of a Hillary Clinton supporter, while Evans character portrays a Donald Trump supporter. Paulson and Evans have reappeared on screen for every season of American Horror Story, always portraying a new character.

The season highlights Ally Mayfair-Richards’ phobia of clowns and how suddenly when Trump is elected, this phobia returns and she starts to see them everywhere. It debilitates her everyday life, to the point where she has panic attacks constantly, and cannot decipher what is real versus what is a delusional episode.

“Because of American Horror Story, I have a horrible fear of clowns, one that I never had before,” said Grobleski.

Kai Anderson tries to embody Trump and finds him to be an inspiration. In one scene, he takes Cheetos and puts them in a blender. He mixes it and uses it as a cosmetic tool for a change in his appearance.

This is a reference to our current political nature and how Trump has been portrayed.

The whole episode alludes to the difference between Trump supporters and Hillary supporters. For example, Paulson and her wife live in the suburbs with their son. Peters, on the other hand, is a blue haired, crazed man, who lives in a run-down home, and attempts to gain more Trump supporters through radical actions.

“Honestly, it was weird to see how they portrayed Trump supporters versus Hillary supporters. I’m not sure I would agree with the portrayal, but I guess that was their [the creators] vision,” said senior, Sam Sood.

“Cult” is played out just like the other seasons of American Horror Story. The scare tactics add a horror element and the clowns are sure to spook some viewers.

“In terms of seasons, “Murder House” was the scariest, but this comes in as a close second—especially when the family next door gets murdered by clowns. It is kind of hard to tell after one episode, but it was still scary, ” said Grobleski.

Since this season’s theme is the 2016 presidential election, it calls out viewers to look at how they have been acting during the time of the election. The theme’s relevance to current events makes this season one of the most relatable.

“American Horror Story: Cult” airs at 10pm on Tuesdays, on FX.

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