Disney Says “Goodbye” to Netflix

By Ariana Colasuonno

Staff Reporter

Within the last couple months, Disney has announced that it will be taking all of its content off of Netflix to start its own streaming service. The new service will include original Disney movies, TV series and shorts, and all Pixar, “Star Wars” and Marvel films.

The Associated Press reported that Disney is also launching an ESPN sports streaming service early next year.

“I don’t think the switch is necessary at all. Almost all the classic Disney movies are on Netflix as of now,” said junior Mary Guardino. “I love Disney movies. Whenever I want to watch one I just go onto my Netflix account and search whatever I want.”

For some, this change means having to learn how to get used to navigating a whole other platform.

“I wouldn’t like Disney to take their programs off Netflix, because I have an account for it and know how to work it,” said freshman Shannon Burke.

Along with having to learn how to navigate another streaming platform, viewers will also have to buy another subscription.

“I think it can benefit Disney, but people might not want to buy a new membership in order to watch it,” said freshman Stephanie DeBaecke.

The AP also reported that a price hasn’t been announced yet, but the service is expected in late 2019 after Disney’s current deal with Netflix expires.

“It will probably be successful because parents will most likely make accounts for their kids for a strictly Disney streaming service rather than Netflix,” said Burke. “I would only use it if it was free.”

With the announcement of this big change, many people were very uncertain of what this would mean for Netflix.

“I—one hundred percent—think it’s going to affect Netflix because right when you log into Netflix there is a kids’ section with all different Disney movies,” said Guardino. “Also, I believe it will affect its viewers, because I think that parents with younger children will use the Disney websites for movies. Because there aren’t inappropriate choices on Disney’s streaming service, parents will be able to give their kids more freedom.”

Fortunately for Marvel-loving Netflix viewers, the Netflix original Marvel shows will still be on Netflix and will not be a part of the change. These shows include “Iron Fist,” “Jessica Jones,” “Daredevil” and “Luke Cage.”

Disney’s new streaming service will be intended for all ages, however, many college students could not foresee themselves making use of the service.

“I don’t think I will use the service, because I’m older now and don’t really want Disney movies. I only really watched them, because I would see them on Netflix,” said Guardino. “I just recently watched the ‘Jungle Book’ because it caught my eye on Netflix, but I wouldn’t buy the streaming service just to watch them.”

As part of Disney’s current deal with Netflix, all 2018 new releases including “Black Panther,” “Ant-Man,” “Thor Ragnarok,” and “Spider-Man: Homecoming,” will be available on Netflix throughout 2018 and most of 2019.

The Associated Press contributed to this article.

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