English Club’s Open Mic Night

By Abigail Frisoli

Staff Reporter

On Thursday, Feb. 8, the English Club held their first Open Mic Night of the semester on the first floor of Linda’s in the presentation room.

The event included prose and poetry from English Club members. Additonally, there was singing and musical performance from students across campus.

At the beginning of the event, senior Gabriel Martinez, who is a Graphic Designer for the Spectrum, and also on the English Club’s Executive Board, said that the English Club is a great way to open one’s mind and to express literature, graphics, poetry and music.

“Express anything,” said Martinez “Snap your fingers, if you want.”

Senior, Aidan Satterwhite sang “Stubborn Love” by The Lummiers and “30 Lives” by Imagine Dragons. In addition to these songs, Satterwhite played the guitar.

Other performers chose to recite poetry, many of which were original works.

“Poetry is speaking the truth,” said Copy Editor for the Spectrum, junior Alexa Kober. “Poetry is supposed to be as raw as possible.”

Kober is an avid member of the English Club. At their weekly meetings on Tuesdays at 8pm in HC210, student writers come together to create. The enviorment that English Club creates is what their Open Mic Night night is like. It is an open environment where students are free to express their art. The whole evening was dedicated to students on campus who are looking for a place to display their work.

While the Open Mic Night is only twice a semester, the English Club meetings allow students to join with other creators on a weekly basis.

There were some technical difficulties that were going on during Kober’s performance, but she continued to read a poem she wrote herself about obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). She said she never performed in such an “intimate setting” before.

Prior, Kober had discussed her poem at English Club giving her the confidence to bring it on stage at the Open Mic Night.

The presentation room was filled with audience members spread throughout chairs set up in the center of the room. The audience was actively engaged and respectful to all of the performers.

Although the faint sound of people talking and going up and down the Linda’s staircase could be heard at times, the spectators and other performers’ concentration never broke.

“I thought there was a great variety of talent,” said sophomore Carolyn Lisboa. “It takes a lot of courage to go up and present something you’ve created and they all did a great job.”

After the event, the members of the club remained in the room, continued making music and laughed with friends.

Additionally, many of the audience members went up to the performers complimenting their work. The whole environment was welcoming and engaging.

The English Club normally does one Open Mic Night a semester, but this semester they have a second one planned.

The event will take place in Linda’s Presentation room on the first floor at 8pm on April 4th.

Anyone interested in participating or attending the next open mic night should contact Giovanna Gatto at gattog@mail.sacredheart.edu.

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