Here Comes Santa Claus…Again!

“The Santa Clauses” is a mini-series starring Tim Allen as Scott Calvin, better known as Santa Claus. It can be streamed on Disney+ and was released on Nov. 16.

In the series, Calvin realizes that he can’t be Santa forever, so he tries to find a new Santa while he also prepares his family for a new experience away from the North Pole.

Junior Zoie Sciascia said, “I loved Tim Allen in the original ‘The Santa Clause’ that this show is based on, so I knew I would enjoy the series!”

“The Santa Clause” is a film about the character Scott Calvin spending time with his son on Christmas Eve. After Scott accidentally kills Santa, he gets sent to the North Pole, where he learns to take Santa’s place before the next Christmas.

In a recent interview with Allen on “The Tonight Show,” he explained the reason he wanted to do the series was to make sure the holes in the plot from the original movie were explained.

“All the holes in the script – I never understood – so we came up with the script ‘The Clauses’,” said Allen on “The Tonight Show.”

In “The Santa Clause” released in 1994, Allen’s character kills the original Santa. This former plot twist is said by Allen to be addressed in the new series.

One new addition to the series that is different from the original movie is that Allen’s daughter ended up starring in the show as well.

“My kid was in it – I wanted her to be an elf as a surprise but she ended up reading the dialogue so well that she got the lead in it,” said Allen.

Another new face to see in this series is football star Peyton Manning. Allen describes him as “engaging and funny” in the show.

In an interview with Comic Book, Jason Winter, the show’s director, explained how it was difficult making the story of Santa Claus more modern, but they made it happen.

Winter said, “That’s such a fun and modern jumping-off point for this story, watching Santa sort of rediscovering his connection to faith and magic is a cool way to connect it to now.”

So far, five episodes have been released. Episodes 1 and 2 were released on Nov. 16, episode 3 on Nov. 23, episode 4 on Nov. 30 and episode 5 on Dec. 7.

Sciascia said, “What I liked about the first episode was how they incorporated modern things, like a VR headset, but still kept everything previously we knew about Santa alive.”

Each episode has its own concept. For example, the first episode is about Scott struggling to keep up with Christmas demands, and the third episode revolves around Scott interviewing candidates to be the new Santa.

“I can’t wait to watch this show with my family over Christmas break. I have watched ‘The Santa Clause,’ and it’s such a feel-good movie,” said junior Bridget Cronin.

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