Iota Phi Theta “Reap The Runway”

Students partake in Iota Phi Theta's first ever "Reap the Runway" show. Photo by Joseph Laspina/Spectrum.
Students partake in Iota Phi Theta’s first ever “Reap the Runway” fashion show. Photo by Joseph Laspina/Spectrum.

By Joseph LaSpina

Staff Reporter

On Friday, Oct. 28 the brothers of the Iota Phi Theta Fraternity held their first Halloween oriented fashion show, “Reap The Runway.”

Unlike a normal fashion show where individuals strut down a long runway, pose and then strut while exiting off, “Reap the Runway” was less couture as the contestants came up with their own costumes and they showed them off in unique ways.

The models on the runway featured many members of sororities, fraternities, clubs and other organizations on campus.

In order to be judged and reach a winner, each group of contestants from each individual organization was required to showcase his or her best costumes and create either a dance compilation or short skit.

“I think it was super creative and unlike anything else on campus,” said junior Mikaela Sherlock.

Students, faculty and community members joined in the Edgerton Theatre all in support of Iota Phi Theta’s philanthropy event.

“This event was programmed to raise funds and support our national philanthropy, St. Jude’s Research Hospital,” said senior Christian Carter, chapter president of Iota Phi Theta.

The fashion show consisted of two rounds and then finals. In the first round, all the contestants were spotlighted, showing off their group costumes. Afterwards, through a panel of three judges, all groups but two, were eliminated, left to show off their costumes once more in front of the audience.

Subsequently, two final winners were selected per each category: individual and group. The audience, through their applause, had the final vote, as they were responsible for choosing the final winners who would be awarded $50 gift cards for their win.

“It was a great event,” said junior Mike Fritz. “It’s fun to be able to help out with each other’s organizations by going to them and supporting one another.”

Iota Phi Theta, through the events they host on campus each year, wishes to raise funds to meet their national goal of $555,555 towards St. Jude’s Research Hospital by the end of the 2016-17 academic year.

“I really loved the event and was glad I was able to perform in it,” said junior Manuela Contreras, Co-president of La Hispanidad. “I hope they raised a lot of money towards the cause.”

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