“Mean Girls” on Broadway? That’s So Fetch!

By Julia Leonard

Staff Reporter

The musical adaptation of the film “Mean Girls” is here and is taking center stage.

With comedian Tina Fey creating the screenplay and starring in the film, “Mean Girls” debuted in 2004. Fey also came back to write the script for the play as well.

Cady Heron finds herself in a new jungle when she moves from Africa to Illinois and begins a life as an average girl in high school. She gets involved with the Plastics, or the “cool” girls in school.

Regina George is the queen of the Plastics with her sidekicks Gretchen Wieners and Karen Smith. Cady loses her true self during her time with the Plastics but finds herself again.

Now that the movie has been made into a musical there is a switch from on screen to real life. Many of the jokes and lines are incorporated into the play.

Students have expressed their interest in seeing the movie come to life.

“I would totally go see the play. I think they should have kept it as a movie but it’ll be funny to watch,” freshman Carmela Badolato said.

The musical’s first performance was in 2017, but made its Broadway debut on April 8. It stars Erika Henningsen as Cady, Taylor Louderman as Regina, Ashley Park as Gretchen, and Kate Rockwell as Karen.

“I would like to see it, I think it’s really cool that it’s being made into a play and I think a lot of young women who grew up watching the movie, like me, will absolutely love it,” said senior Tori Gilbert.

“I actually want to see ‘Mean Girls’ on Broadway because it is one of my favorite movies,” said senior Jen Gilmartin.

Some students want to see the Broadway musical but their expectations for it are mixed.  The play is different from the movie because it is a musical. Adding songs and dance performances will tell the story in a different way.

“I do not have the highest expectations for it, but I think it will be pretty good. Though, I don’t think it will be like the movie if they are adding in music,” Badolato said.

When it premiered in 2004, the film grossed $129 million dollars. It has become a part of social culture today, especially with millennials.

“I think it’ll do really well. My expectations are set really high for the musical,” said Gilbert. “I think it’ll be like the movie but there’ll probably be slight differences since it’s a musical but I’m sure it’ll be amazing.”

Some hope that their favorite scenes from the movie will appear on stage as well.

“My favorite scene is when they hand out the candy canes and Gretchen Wieners gets none,” said Gilbert.

“Mean Girls” on Broadway has been getting quite the talk from fans of the movie. The musical is up to date with things such as social media, something the movie did not have at the time of its release.

“My all-time favorite scene has to be the talent show when they all sing Jingle Bell Rock. It’s iconic and I hope it is in the musical,” said Gilmartin.

The show plays at August Wilson Theatre in New York City and ticket prices start at $79.50.

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