New Streaming Service, Paramount+, Launches

On March 4, a new streaming service called Paramount+ was launched. It includes content from many networks such as CBS, Nickelodeon and MTV.

Paramount+ subscribers will get access to reboots, spin-offs and original content like “Mission Impossible 7” and “A Quiet Place 2”.

According to The Associated Press, Paramount+ will be streaming live sports along with highlights, replays and expert analysis from experts of the respective sports.

“I really enjoy Paramount+ so far and it has definitely been worth the purchase. My favorite shows on the network are ‘Survivor’ and ‘Big Brother,’” said junior Connor Rossi. “I’m also super pumped for next football season to watch all CBS games, NY Giants specifically, on Paramount+.”

The subscription is $5.99 per month, which is significantly less than other streaming sites that also provide the ability to livestream sports games. For example, Hulu+ paired with Live TV is $63.99 per month, and DAZN is $20 per month.

Sacred Heart University Professor Peter Ciocca, who has a Bachelor of Arts and Masters focused in Sports Communication and Media Studies, believes that sports streaming on platforms like Paramount+ will quickly become the primary destination that sports fans flock to, to see their favorite teams play.

“With technology continuing to advance, it seems all these big networks are making the necessary changes to adapt with the times. You see it more and more each day, companies like Hulu, Fubo, and even now Paramount+ setting up their platforms to stream sporting events,” said Ciocca. “Due to COVID-19 and the lack of fans being allowed in stadiums, it is a great opportunity for these platforms to provide a similar experience of being able to watch your favorite teams from your home.”

Professor Paul Pabst, who has previously worked for networks such as ESPN, CBS News and Sports and NBC said, “Streaming is here and it’s becoming the norm. Sports fans want their shows and content on demand. They want to consume it on their schedule.”

What makes Paramount+ stand out against its competition?

According to The Associated Press, “Paramount+ will have a library of more than 30,000 episodes and 2,500 movies, plus 36 original series debuts this year. Among those originals will be a revival of ‘Frasier’, the 1990s sitcom; a CG-animation update of Nickelodeon’s ‘Rugrats’ to tap millennial nostalgia; and a new studio dedicated to the ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ concept, founded by the original cartoon’s creators to produce a range of programming, including a new animated movie.”

Rossi is thrilled to watch all 41 seasons of his favorite TV show “Survivor.”

“Paramount+ is the only streaming site that gives subscribers all past and present seasons of ‘Survivor’,” said Rossi “‘Survivor’ is a huge part of my family and has provided a way for us to bond consistently for years. My parents have watched all 40 seasons, with season 41 announced three days ago. They’ve watched ‘Survivor’ from season one in 2000, before I was even born! The ability to look back and watch past seasons allows me to connect with my family.”

According to The Associated Press, “Paramount+ hopes its particular recipe of TV shows, movies and originals will hook you on its vision for TV’s future.

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