Sing Out! A Concert Against Bullying Preview

By Jessica Andriani

Staff Reporter

On Saturday, Nov. 19, Sacred Heart University’s 4 Heart Harmony will be performing “Sing Out! A Concert Against Bullying” at 7:30 p.m. in the Chapel of The Holy Spirit’s lobby.

4 Heart Harmony is the name of Sacred Heart’s small chamber choir, which is comprised of a select group of young men and women.

“Everyone who is part of 4 Heart Harmony has a lot of energy and talent, so it makes the practice time fly by. Although we’re serious about our music, we still have a lot of fun together. We perform pretty often, so we tend to cover a lot of material in one rehearsal,” said sophomore Sarah Riccio.

Since 4 Heart Harmony is a smaller ensemble, their group is able to stand out on campus as separate from other choir ensembles.

“4 Heart Harmony stands out as the most high-caliber, advanced chamber choir on campus. We typically perform pieces by Eric Whitacre, Requiems, among other advanced composers,” said senior Jane Kenney. “It is a select choir that ensures a majority of its members have a general understanding of musicianship, sight-singing and intensive work.”

Through different inspirational stories and songs, the group is able to fight bullying and stand up for the cause during this concert.

“The Anti-Bullying Concert is a very moving concert. We sing collaborative songs, have individual soloists, and voluntary testimonials from 4 Heart students about their personal experiences with bullying,” said Kenney. “The concert is emotional, personal and extremely moving for everyone who attends.”

Since bullying is an ongoing issue on campuses all over the world, the group continues to shine light on the problem and bring awareness.

“We try to touch on all the aspects of bullying from the lowest points for a reminder that you have people here to support you. For many people, music has the power to heal, which makes this experience even more touching,” said Riccio.

4 Heart Harmony is featured in this concert sharing the stage with speakers telling different stories. This anti-bullying concert is performed every year on campus. As a result, it is offered as a colloquium for students in the Catholic Intellectual Tradition courses.

“The concert is filled with emotionally charged songs and testimonials from students within the choir who have faced the affects of bullying, whether it be personally or as a bystander, this concert is unlike any of its kind,” said senior Cory Robinson. “One of my personal favorites, this concert is aimed at not only shedding light on the effects of bullying on everyday lives, but it also serves to show the Sacred Heart community, the lessons they can learn in order to put a stop once and for all to a practice so evil.”

Students and staff are able to attend with free admission to experience the concert and to hear the many different inspirational stories throughout the night.

“This colloquial-concert will truly change anyone’s viewpoints and expand their hearts that will hopefully help them to begin the fight to end bullying everywhere all the while providing great music from a choir that is nothing short of greatness,” said Robinson.


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