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On April 19, Prof. Gregory Golda, an instructor in the School of Communication, Media and the Arts (SCMA), debuted his original album titled “Our Paradise Lost” which he performed live at the SHU Community Theatre in Fairfield.

Golda wrote the album over his Christmas break in 2021. Working with long-time collaborator and Prof. Sid Gottlieb, also in SCMA, he recorded the album in his own studio and in the studios at Sacred Heart University, according to the SHU Community Theatre.

“It was really interesting to see one of our very own professors perform music that he wrote himself,” said sophomore Carolyn Doherty. “It’s not every day we see professors outside of the classroom, doing something other than teaching.”

The live premiere of the album is a multi-disciplinary project for Golda and his students, according to the SHU Community Theatre. Several of his classes collaborated to design and produce visual elements in the show, which was recorded and streamed online as well.

“In my opinion, the fact that Professor Golda involved his students within his showing was really fascinating, and it made it very enjoyable to watch,” said sophomore Nico Bogardus.

“Our Paradise Lost” is a genre-defying collection of 12 songs, which Golda wrote while on a solo road trip to visit his family in Buffalo, N.Y. When he got back to Connecticut, the songs were finished and then the recording process began, according to SHU Community Theatre.

“As a Strategic Communications major, I personally have not yet had Professor Golda,” said Doherty. “I heard about the concert online and was very intrigued and was certainly not disappointed with the outcome, and I plan on joining one of Professor Golda’s classes in the near future.”

Golda had people help him during his performance. These included drummer David Rauh, bass player Randy Stone, and guitarist Tim McGrath to round out the live band. He also had Gottlieb on the guitar and keyboards, and Golda had Maggie Meath join him in singing to add dimension to his songs, according to the SHU Community Theatre.

“As students, we only ever really look up to our professors as just teachers, and we don’t really realize or are told what else they do in their free time,” said Bogardus. “I am a big fan of any kind of music and to see one of our very own SHU professors come out and embrace his love for creating and performing music is really inspiring.”

The songs that are included in Golda’s album are “Our Paradise Lost,” “Real Eyes Realize Real Lies,” “Another Chance,” “Gone Guy,” “.32-20,” “No one Believes in Angels Anymore,” “Weather of Thoughts,” “The Art of Letting Go,” “Scarecrow Blues,” “Super Impressed,” and “Love in Vain.”

“I was very intrigued by the different vibes that each song put out, I enjoyed that a lot about his performance, and appreciate how he incorporated multiple genres into one album,” said Doherty. “I recommend everyone to take time out of their day and listen to Professor Golda’s album, It’s worth it.”

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