“YOU” Season 3

Have you seen season three of the hit show “You” yet?

Many Sacred Heart University students are looking forward to seeing what happens in the new season of the Netflix thriller.

“I am excited about the new season because we finally get to see what Love and Joe are doing in their lives since they are now married and are raising a baby. They are finally going to put their past behind them and do their best to live their lives normally together,” said junior Matthew Monopoli.

On Oct. 15, Netflix dropped the newest 10 episodes of “You” after almost a two-year wait from their fans.

Loosely based on the book, “You” written by Caroline Kepnes, the show tells the story of an intelligent bookstore manager named Joe Goldberg, who comes across an aspiring female writer in New York City.

Penn Badgley, who is best known for his role as Dan Humphrey in “Gossip Girl,” plays this dark and twisted character.

“I think it’s interesting to see Penn Badgley embrace another character other than Dan Humphrey from ‘Gossip Girl,’” said junior Calista Zahos. “But in some way, I feel like they are the same because Dan was so obsessed with Serena and kind of followed her around and ended up with her. The same happens in ‘You,’ except it’s more intense.”

According to Cosmopolitan, “Joe’s insta crush on Beck seems innocent enough, until he goes home and begins creeping her on social media. His run-of-the-mill Instagram lurk soon becomes ‘IRL’ stalking. When the two finally begin to date, he kills anyone who seems like a threat to their relationship.”

In season two, Goldberg moves across the country to Los Angeles and meets a woman named Love Quinn, portrayed by Victoria Pedretti. However, Quinn ends up having more in common with Goldberg’s violent tendencies than meets the eye. The whole second season, like the first, is filled with love and obsession.

“The end of season two was really interesting because we slowly learn that Love is not the normal person we thought she was,” said junior Lucey Savino.

The third season begins with the couple living in the suburbs and raising a family together.

“As usual, so many people get killed,” said junior Robert Taylor IV. “Then Joe has to come up with plans to keep them from getting caught.”

Viewers are going to have to tune into Netflix to see how everything plays out and if Goldberg and Quinn can make their relationship work in this new setting.

Other actors appear on the show such as Michaela McManus, from “One Tree Hill,” and Scott Michael Foster from “Crazy Ex- Girlfriend,” along with breakout star Dylan Arnold.

Arnold, who plays Theo Engler, won over viewers as the charming boy-next-door, dealing with a complicated relationship with both Quinn and his father.

According to journalist Inkoo Kang from The Washington Post, “Many, many shows hit their stride in their third season, and ‘You’ is no exception. The new batch of episodes easily comprises the show’s best yet, its tone solidified, its pacing and plotting perfected.”

“I binged the last three episodes because it was impossible to stop. The ending is nuts,” said Taylor.

Many fans are excited to keep up with Goldberg in the recently confirmed season four.

According to Decider, “Assuming there are no delays, it seems entirely possible that ‘You’ season 4 will land on Netflix in late 2022.”

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