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After last week’s article about the first part of the Niblo family interviews, this week is more focused on some future plans for Audrey’s Corner. While the heart and themes of this section will remain the same, the Niblo family and The Spectrum board have discussed expanding our horizons and the types of media we use to spread the messages of kindness, positivity, self-care and more.

1. The power of social media & “Some Good News”

In our internet and social media-based world, it’s essential for any journalist to make her work available online. While Spectrum does have a website, we’d like to spread the message of Audrey’s Corner even further than to those who read Spectrum.

One example of how we can positively use the power of social media for Audrey’s Corner is by reaching out to already-established works that promote similar themes. A perfect example of this is the YouTube show “Some Good News” (SGN), created by and starring John Krasinski from “The Office.”

SGN ran for eight episodes during the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, from March 2020 until May 2020, with an additional holiday special in December 2020. Each week, Krasinski would invite special guests—both famous and not—onto the show and ask them to help him spread good news, whether that be celebrating someone’s Zoom wedding, interviewing heroes of the pandemic, or inviting the “Hamilton” cast to perform a special show for a fan.

While SGN ended in 2020, its messages of good news haven’t stopped. On Instagram especially, SGN remains active (@somegoodnews) and posts a variety of feel-good stories from people around the world. 

In their bio, they invite us all to share our “good news story” with them by using the hashtag #SomeGoodNews. Since Audrey’s Corner is focused on similar themes, it would be amazing to see our own “good news story” appear on something like SGN’s Instagram!

2. Radio shows

Another way to reach a wider community is through the radio. Nowadays, with music online and in apps without commercials, radio isn’t as popular as it once was. But plenty of people still listen to the radio when they’re in the car—or maybe when their phone battery is running low.

There are plenty of radio shows still airing which are based around sharing good news and uplifting stories. The Niblo family largely agreed that trying to talk about Audrey’s Corner on a radio show—perhaps even through WSHU, SHU’s own radio station—would be a great way to spread the word and engage in an honest and positive discussion that reaches a wider audience.

3. Outside newspapers

Audrey was a passionate writer for Spectrum, but even before then, she’d had her share of experiences in the news world. Before college, she was interviewed multiple times by the Greenwich Time, her local paper. 

In one particular video interview, Audrey discussed her experiences being bullied and how she dealt with and overcame each experience. Her determination, positive attitude and self-respect clearly shine through this video.

We’d like to spread this type of awareness through other newspapers besides Spectrum, like the Greenwich Time. However, all of these plans are still in the making, and we welcome any and all kinds of support. Whether you’re interested in spearheading one of these initiatives, would like to submit your own article, artwork, photography or creative writing to Audrey’s Corner, or simply read Audrey’s Corner each week, we are grateful for your support.

To end this week’s article, there is something Audrey’s sister Nicole said during our interview that really struck me: it feels like Audrey’s will brought us together. As I write this, I hope Audrey would be happy knowing that we’re working hard to continue living out her values and spreading a message of kindness and love.

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