Spotlight: Nick Zingales

Nick Zingales

BY BRAD HUTCHISON Co-Spotlight Editor

Throughout their years at Sacred Heart University, few students truly take advantage of everything that is offered
to them and thrown their way. That isn’t the case for one outstanding student from Easton, Pennsylvania. His name is Nicholas Zingales, and he is a current senior here at SHU.

Zingales is a Psychology major, and his goal one day is to be an industrial/organizational psychologist. He did not limit himself to just his studies throughout his four years. With still holding a high grade point average, Zingales was able to fully immerse himself in the SHU community, and become a leader on campus in many different facets, specifically fraternity life.

“I love being a student at Sacred Heart because of all the opportunities that are available,” said Zingales. “I quickly got involved in Fraternity life joining Beta Theta Pi my freshman year and have had the opportunity to take leadership positions all across my chapter; ultimately now being the Inter-Fraternity Council (IFC)President.”

Joining a fraternity is something that Zingales was determined to do when coming to SHU. When he was going through recruitment as a freshmen, he had many options on the table and was torn on which organization to join. He ended up landing on Beta Theta Pi, one of the newer fraternities at the time that was founded in 2017.

Throughout his time in the organization, Zingales has contributed to the overall growth, and betterment of the group. He started out joining as many committees in the fraternity as possible, trying to offer his help to all the different branches. He found a love for the branch of education, where he ended up assisting one of his mentors Liam Atkins in educating the new members on the history of Beta Theta Pi, and what it means to wear the letters.

In the fall of his sophomore year, Zingales was elected to the Vice President of Education chair. In this role, he served as the pinpoint educator for two large incoming classes, and he did so with ease. He was able to leave the position better than when he found it, creating new levels of organization and bringing new ideas to life.

In the fall of his junior year, Zingales didn’t stop his devotion to the greek community. In a time where the Inter-Fraternity Council was struggling to find young men to fill their e-board, Zingales stepped up in the biggest way and decided to run for IFC President.

He won this position, and since holding it, he has achieved great things.

One major thing he had a hand in was the formation of
the expansion committee, which brought different fraternities onto the SHU campus and allowed them to give their case as to why they should be established at SHU. Zingales talked with the national representatives from these fraternities, and helped bring a brand-new one onto campus last spring. He also has made it his goal to create a better community between all the different fraternities.

Moving onto a very prestigious student-leader role, Zingales became a student ambassador entering his sophomore year.
In this position, he has been able to offer tours to prospective SHU families for five semesters at this point. Working open houses, doing extra events, and picking up other tour shifts, Zingales consistently commits himself to helping this school grow.

The iHub on West Campus is another place you might see Zingales if you pass by in the West Building. Here, his full- time role is Assistant Community Manager Intern. In this role, he helps manage and operate the iHub for their members.

He works with the members to help create internships for students, plan community events, and create business-student relationships. Also, for the Verizon Worktech Group, he helps test technology solutions that get scaled across the globe.

“While being involved in my Fraternity, I was also able to find a fantastic internship at the SHU iHub powered by Verizon as the Assistant Community Manager,” said Zingales. “Here I have been able to find so many more opportunities to begin my professional career.”

Every heard of the Pio Guys? Well, Zingales has his hand in that as well. After the formation of this group in the fall of 2021, Zingales didn’t want to see this group die out. Given the reigns by past seniors, Zingales was able to keep the school spirit alive by bringing together new guys and supporting the Pioneers at all of our major sporting events. You might have seen them at the opening of the Martire Family Arena, or the Family Weekend football game.

On top of all the hard work that Zingales does, his peers speak so highly of him, and know that he is the definition of
a true pioneer here at Sacred Heart. With a year left, Zingales hopes to finish out the year strong, continue to network within his iHub position, and hopefully leave a lasting impact on all the organizations he had a hand in.

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