Alumni Spotlight: Susan Magnano

By Christina DiMauro

Features Editor 

Sacred Heart University alumna Susan Magnano is teaming up to work alongside another Sacred Heart alumni, Chris Nicholson, for a photography workshop this October.

The partnership brought her career full circle after previous work in television production and event photography.

Magnano’s love for photography started before college when she interned at her local newspaper, the Rockland Journal News, during high school.

“I love the idea of capturing a moment and sharing my experience with others,” said Magnano.

Magnano graduated from Sacred Heart in 2003 with a degree in Media Studies.

During her time at Sacred Heart she interned at MTV, FoxNews, CT Post and local photo studios.

“I learned two important lessons from my internships. Working with professionals in the field of your studies is priceless. You learn quickly through hands-on experience and develop confidence,” said Magnano. “Networking is also very valuable. I met tons of great people who mentored me and who I stayed in contact with once the internship was over.”

These opportunities and connections led Magnano to begin working as a Production Assistant for the Food Network after graduation.

“After a couple of years I decided TV production was fun, but it wasn’t creative enough for me. So I turned my attention back to photography,” said Magnano.

She then started her own photography event business, Magnanimous Pictures.

“I capture events, weddings, and portraits and I love it! This career has allowed me access to incredible events, places and truly special moments,” said Magnano.

As a freelancer, Magnano was not prepared for the ups and downs of working for herself.

“Network as much as you can and make as many connections as you can while you’re in college,” said Magnano, “and once you get your first job stay in touch with the people that you meet.”

Magnano often found herself contacting previous employers and asking if they needed any work done.

“I think that’s such an important thing that people don’t do anymore. They don’t follow up with the people they make connections with,” said Magnano.

Magnano also has a passion for travel. Photour Adventures, her latest endeavor, is her photography adventure workshop.

“I take students to beautiful locations and teach them how to utilize their gear, create their vision, see natural light and to ultimately capture epic images,” said Magnano.

Photour Adventures has given her the opportunity to travel to places like Hawaii, New York, Iceland and Italy.

“Teaching travel destination workshops gives my students the opportunity to go to places, see something and bring it back to share with friends and family back home,” said Magnano.

Magnano is working with Chris Nicholson, author of “Photographing National Parks,” for a photography adventure this October.

“Chris and I graduated years apart and did not know each other, but thanks to the magic of SHU and social media we have connected,” said Magnano.

Magnano and Nicholson met at Sacred Heart for a meeting and their partnership began.

”We are putting together a five-day landscape workshop where we will be chasing the best light through Acadia, Maine,” said Magnano.

This workshop is welcome to students who have a love for photography and the outdoors.

“We will be capturing its colorful foliage, breathtaking views, iconic coastline, pristine lakes and beautiful mountain landscape,” said Magnano.

For more information about Photour Adventures, visit Sacred Heart students will receive a special discount.

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