Bergoglio Hall Highlighted in Architects Magazine

Bergoglio Hall now features Professor Nathan Lewis' artistic mural. Photo by Peter McCue/Spectrum.
Bergoglio Hall now features Professor Nathan Lewis’ artistic mural. Photo by Peter McCue/Spectrum.

By Anna Finn

Staff Reporter

On Monday, Jan. 26 “The Journal of the American Institute Architects Magazine” published an article regarding Sacred Heart University’s new Jorge Bergoglio Residence Hall. The article talks about its modern design, as well as the adequate living style and atmosphere it offers for its residents.

After giving precise measurements of the residence hall, it explains how the dynamics of each of the quad style suites are arranged. It informs people of how these suites are
broken into villages, each sharing a lounge and kitchen.

The article goes into detail about the unique 12-foot fireplace that was built inside the residence hall created with bluestone. It also brought up the lounges, such as the fitness center, gaming room and social rooms that all students can gather in.

“It’s a very nice building. I’ve enjoyed living here. I didn’t know our hall was featured in a national architecture magazine, but that’s great exposure for the university,” said sophomore Rosanna Furano.

Following the attribute of the residence hall’s interior, it moves on to express the exterior of it. It describes the structure of the building and how it outlines a protected courtyard and what surrounds the courtyard making it “a warm sunny place even in winter.”

The article’s project description of the residence hall entails the specific material and measurements used to create this new building, while also promoting Sacred Heart as a safe and welcoming environment for all types of students. It advertises the new building as a place that students can call “home away from home,” and live comfortably.

“The building is absolutely beautiful, and the fact that it’s being featured in the magazine is so cool,” said sophomore Jaime Pinilla-O’Dea.

Another feature of the new residence hall is the mural of its students, similar to the one in the Linda McMahon Commons. Professor Nathan Lewis created the mural which took over a year to create.

The two murals designed have some similarities being that they are “both narratives and representations of the university,” said Lewis.

The first mural titled, “The Spirit of SHU,” was created to acknowledge the 50th anniversary of Sacred Heart. Lewis’ latest mural is titled, “Finding Their Voices.”

“I titled the piece ‘Finding their Voices’ as a homage to our students and the lives we get to see form at Sacred Heart. All the figures are members of the SHU community and almost all of them are students,” said Lewis.

“Finding Their Voices” was created to portray the students and their life at Sacred Heart. Lewis set up photo shoots in the spring semester with the help of some students: Olivia Manke, Serena Pinelli, Maria Saporito, Anabell Coss, and Leanne Scorcia. He began his painting in the summer of 2016 and completed it in January.

“As the university grows and changes, it should be recognized, recorded and honored. Everything the university is and represents can never fully be captured in a single painting, a single building, person, or event. It is collectively that all these expressions of beauty, knowledge, and passion give us a sense who we are as a community,” said Lewis.

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