Center for Career and Professional Development Fair

On Wednesday, Oct. 18, Sacred Heart University’s, Center for Career and Professional Development held its annual Career and Internship Fair. This fair invited employers from many different companies to set up a table and talk to students.

It was held at the Martire Family Arena hallway from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. When students walked in, they were given a paper with a list of all the employers.

Students were greeted by people working at the event with more information before they headed inside.

“We had 52 employers attending this year’s career and internship fair representing all various industries such as healthcare, government, education, finance, retail, computer and IT services, and more,” said Executive Director of Career at Sacred Heart, Annie Suffredini.

The employers anticipated hiring students for full-time, part- time, and internship positions. All students were invited and able to network, give out their resumes, and learn more about life after graduation.

Students packed the hallway and not a single table was left unoccupied. The employers were from all types of careers, so students had the opportunity to find employers related to what they wanted to do in the future.

Senior Madison McCurdy said, “It has been great so far I’ve had a lot of opportunities to speak to different campus recruiters to talk about their job openings and potential internships, so it is just such a wonderful opportunity to put my name out there and make those connections.”

Employers talked about their company and what position they hold in it. They offered advice and even connections that students could have if they wanted to go into the company.

Some companies that were present at the event were Sherwin-Williams, Hartford Healthcare, CT Orthopedics Specialists, Vineyard Vines, the FBI, and many more.

“Networking and educating yourselves on various employers and industries would be the most beneficial aspect for students. It is also a great way to build confidence. Career Fairs can be intimidating if you have never been to one, but if you have a great conversation with just one person and you feel good about it, we consider that a success,” said Suffredini.

Many of the tables had pamphlets and papers with all the information on their company. Some tables had little gifts like bowls of Chapstick, wristbands, pens, and more. Students came with questions and did research on the employers to be prepared for their conversations with these companies.

“Whether you are seeking a volunteer opportunity, an internship, or full-time position after graduation, it’s a great opportunity to build connections and get your resume in front of some great employers,” said Suffredini.

The ability to engage in conversations with employers was one of the aspects of the event that senior Marena Capocci found most helpful.

“I was most excited to visit the Vineyard Vines table because I’m interested in fashion finance and loved getting insight from someone with the experience,” said Capocci.

Students were encouraged to come to the event whether they knew what career path they wanted to go down or not.

“I always look forward to the Career Fair because it is a helpful resource to help students plan their future,” said junior Ashley Collinson. “Being able to talk to people you would not have a chance to meet with and give them your resume is pretty great.”

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