Sigma Chi: “A Fresh, New Perspective to Fraternity Life.”

Sacred Heart University’s Greek Life will have its newest fraternity participating in this year’s formal spring recruitment: Sigma Chi. 

Sigma Chi is the sixth organization in the school’s Interfraternity Community (IFC), and the 12th Greek affiliation amongst the other eight Panhellenic organizations. Sigma Chi’s Sacred Heart chapter was founded last year and took part in its first recruitment process during the fall semester.  

“We are looking forward to meeting all the new Potential New Members (PNMs) and getting to know everyone who is interested in joining,” said Jack Kirkwood, Sigma Chi’s President. “We plan to make a name for ourselves by becoming a group on campus that everyone feels welcome and friendly with.”  

At Sacred Heart, IFC Recruitment includes two open events hosted by the fraternities, where any male-identifying student is welcomed to attend. In addition, each organization can host one invite-only event for members who have shown mutual interest with the respected brothers in membership. 

Through this process, each fraternity can find individuals that they choose to extend an invite, known as a bid, to join their brotherhood. 

This spring’s IFC Recruitment began on Jan. 23, a week after each fraternal organization hosted table times for PNMs. Sigma Chi’s table time occurred on Jan. 18 from 1 to 3 p.m. Outside of table times, PNMs have the opportunity to meet the brothers of Sigma Chi through various events hosted by the fraternity.

On Feb. 1, Sigma Chi hosted a bowling event in the Bobby Valentine Recreation Center on campus.  

In comparison to the other fraternities, Sigma Chi runs strongly through an alumni network. 

“The support structure for all Sigma Chi chapters is through their alumni network,” said Nick Frias, Director of Fraternity & Sorority Life. “Most fraternities are supported by headquarters staff and even though Sigma Chi still has headquarters support, this organization has such an engaged and active alumni group that those individuals really assist in the success of the undergraduate chapter.” 

According to Sacred Heart’s website regarding Greek Life, students who choose to join fraternities and sororities are given opportunities to have hands-on experience in leadership roles, exposure to potential careers, a chance to give back to the community, and a way to create friendships and support systems. 

For the IFC, the addition of Sigma Chi to the community has given students another organization to become involved with. 

“Sigma Chi has brought a fresh, new perspective to fraternity life at SHU,” said Frias. “They come in with strong alumni and headquarters support and are looking for new and creative ways to challenge the entire fraternity community to make everyone better.” 

Members of Sigma Chi spoke highly of their experience with the brotherhood thus far. 

“My favorite thing about Sigma Chi is the group of guys that we have,” said Kirkwood. “Everyone is close with each other and always comfortable with being who they are and asking whatever they need to.” 

While the fraternity’s spring recruitment session ends with Bid Day on Feb. 10, Sigma Chi has an added opportunity to gain new members. Because the organization is an “associate chapter,” a chapter that has not become charted yet, Sigma Chi is allowed to recruit members year-round while the remaining charted chapters cannot.  

For students interested in learning more about the fraternity, they can visit Sigma Chi’s Instagram: @sigmachishu.

Daniella Baldino contributed to this article.

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