Club Spotlight: Marketing Club

By Tara Zanni
Staff Reporter

There are over 60 student-run clubs at Sacred Heart University, and the Marketing Club is making strides this semester.

Marketing Club members are involved in planning and marketing events, helping market other student organizations, fundraising activities, volunteering and prospecting new marketing opportunities. Next semester, they are planning to start a chapter with the American Marketing Association.

“Obtaining a B.S. in Marketing is among the most sought after degrees in the Welch College of Business, so we ideally will also be one of the bigger clubs with more workshops and presentations,” said Marketing Club advisor Professor Gerardo Moreira.

General members are free to attend all the weekly and monthly meetings for the club. However, in order to become a member of the executive board, there is a nomination process held by general members and the club advisor.

“In line with marketing concepts, the club is looking to inform and educate during their meetings, to engage members and other Sacred Heart students through events, and people interested to partake in this club,” said Moreira.

Moreira encourages students to venture out and try new experiences during college, and to find new areas of interest that could lead to fruitful careers.

“Members are applying class concepts into real world and highly applicable settings,” said Moreira.

On Dec. 5, with the help of Student Life and the Jack Welch College of Business, the Marketing Club will be holding its first big event. Former NFL player Erik Coleman will be speaking on campus.

“This is the first public event we are hosting here at Sacred Heart. We are excited for the opportunity to host this event and provide a unique evening for the Sacred Heart community,” said senior Clay Sweitzer, Treasurer and Director of Events for the Marketing Club.

“We wanted to bring something new and exciting to the campus. We wanted to bring in someone who has a wide community appeal in a multitude of areas, especially in marketing,” said Sweitzer.

Coleman is well-known for his career in the NFL, specifically when he played for the New York Jets from 2004–2007. After his retirement, he transitioned into sports media, and is currently a sports analyst for companies such as ABC, ESPN and others.

“I think he’s an inspiration,” said sophomore Hospitality Major and avid Jets fan Charlie Fusari. “His career didn’t end when he retired from football and the work he’s doing now it so cool. More speakers like this should come to Sacred Heart.”

Coleman is also an entrepreneur and philanthropist. His newest venture is the Practice Manager at CORE Medical.

“No matter your major or profession, Erik brings his knowledge of leadership that could help people in all occupations,” said Sweitzer.

Junior accounting major Jackie Balacki said, “It’s cool to see clubs putting together events like this. Even if people aren’t interested in marketing, they’ll still want to come to hear a former NFL player speak. For those who aren’t interested in sports, they’d still come if they were interested in his career beyond football.”

“I do have a feeling that this is the first of many events to be brought by the Marketing Club. Keep an eye out for things to come in the future,” said Moreira.

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