Club Spotlight: The Green SHUs

By Katelyn Norkowski
Staff Reporter

Matt Cole and Edward Garrity, Sacred Heart alumni, decided to form a club called the The Green SHUs in 2011.

The Green SHUs focuses on environmental awareness. They prioritize this by bringing in speakers and showing films regarding current issues.

“Club members also participate in projects outside of Sacred Heart with local organizations,” said Vice President of The Green SHUs-Environmental Club, Kimberly Durando.

“Our goal for this club is to provide more sustainability on campus, as well as sustainable food sources,” said President of the Green SHUs, Courtney Paccione.

“A person that is really helping us achieve these goals is Keith Gallinelli [the club’s new advisor],” said Durando.

“Another individual that is a viable resource to The Green SHU’s is Scott Thompson,” said Paccione.

Scott Thompson is a resident of Fairfield and is the Chairman of the Sustainable Fairfield Task Force.

“Gallinelli and Paccione are responsible for the solar panels that are being put up on West Campus,” said Durando.

Another movement at Sacred Heart that The Green SHUs are doing involves incorporating more sustainable food options.

“Overall, there will just be healthier options for people in the dining halls, even if you are not a vegan or vegetarian,” said Durando.

According to Sacred Heart University, “the Green Sacred Heart University Students or ‘Green SHUs’ work to raise awareness and work to improve various environmental issues, including pollution, conservation and recycling efforts.”

For example, The Green SHUs worked with the student government to make reusable tumbler cups.

“Last year, we worked with the student government and the class of 2020 to make reusable tumbler cups and gave them out in the hallway of 63’s,” said Durando.

One of the ways that The Green SHUs collaborate with organizations is through clean ups.

“We do a lot of clean ups at Veteran’s Park in Fairfield as well as Jennings Beach,” said Durando.

On Oct. 20, The Green SHUs participated in a beach cleanup at Jennings Beach in Fairfield.

“For clean ups, we usually bring bags to the beach and work as a team to collect trash that accumulated on the beach,” said Durando.

“If you are interested in coming to the events, it is really easy to join us,” said Paccione.

“We always provide transportation to these events as well. We meet in the University Commons and commute together to the project,” said Paccione. “If you are looking to get involved in our team, please feel free to join our Facebook page.”

The page can be found by searching for “The Green SHUs” on Facebook. The club posts everything from events to meetings to times for events on the page.

“You can also get in contact with Keith Gallinelli if you have any questions regarding the club,” said Paccione.

“Our next meeting is Nov. 7 at 9 p.m. in the University Commons,” said Durando. “We would love for you to join us.”

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