Comfort on Campus

By Bryana Cielo

Managing Editor

When I first walked onto the Sacred Heart campus, I remember being stunned by its beauty. Back in 2016, there was no healthcare building, no JP’s Diner, and no Toussaint. The Martire building had just opened, as well as Bergoglio Hall. It was the first year both of those buildings were being used.

I so vividly remember the cherry blossoms on the way up to the Pitt Center from my first tour. Seeing students socializing through the glass at Linda’s gave me the confidence that I would find my people here, even as a scared high school senior. All I wanted was to feel comfortable with wherever I chose. I instantly felt as if SHU was the place for me.

“Being a business student, my favorite place on campus would probably be the Martire Center. I’m always in the building either for class, studying, and working on group project,” said senior Alex Colucci. “One of my favorite things about the building is the fact that every time I walk into the building, there’s always a familiar face.”

I believe that one of the most important things about a college environment is feeling that you are accepted and that you belong.

I recognized SHU as a campus unlike any other. But I got the feeling of love and acceptance from the minute I stepped onto campus. My dad put it best when he said he felt like everyone on campus wanted to give him a hug.

“My favorite spot on campus is the couches in Bergoglio next to the fireplace,” said senior Emily Walker. “Because it’s cozy and it feels like home. I lived in Berg for two years, and I loved every minute of it.”

That sense of love and acceptance has been with me always, no matter how stressed I am. And those stress levels can get pretty high, because, let’s face it, we’re college students.

Every part of this campus is special, but there are places that stand out to me most. I’d have to say that my favorite part of campus is the field between the chapel and the library.

“I think the perfect place on campus is West Campus. The building is beautiful, and the remodels have been outstanding. A lot of the time, it’s quiet, which helps me to do my best work. The lights make me feel calm,” said junior Jessica Wenz.

My most favorite memories are beautiful days in the spring, laying down a blanket with my roommate, talking about all of our favorite memories from our years here at SHU. Taking one look at the chapel takes my breath away, and being able to spend time at the center of campus is something I love the most.

“My favorite spot is the little conference room on the third floor of the Martire business side. It’s a sick room done and I can get all my work done there,” said sophomore Darius Souza.

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