Tell Us Your Story: Nina Miglio

By Audrey Niblo

Staff Reporter

Senior Nina Miglio may be graduating in just a few weeks, but she has a lot keeping her busy as the school year wraps up.

As manager of the WHRT radio station, she keeps herself involved with campus affairs on a daily basis.

“A typical day for the radio is to check on the booth as often as I can to make sure everything is working okay,” said Miglio. “Whenever a radio member needs assistance we do our best to accommodate that as soon as we can. My main goal as a manager is to pursue and promote WHRT on campus and have students be involved as much as possible and have fun.”

Deciding to come to Sacred Heart was an easy choice for Miglio.

“I came to Sacred Heart my senior year of high school to visit a friend. I loved the atmosphere and the architecture,” said Miglio. “It was one of my top three schools to get into and when I was accepted it felt truly amazing.”

She started to become involved with radio quickly into starting school.

“I’ve had a radio show since my freshman year of college with my friends and it was always a great time,” said Miglio. “It’s good to have that experience and to be able to talk live on the radio and be comfortable with yourself and what your interests might be.”

Aside from the radio, she also enjoys spending her time writing.

“I just declared a minor in creative writing,” said Miglio.

She says it’s something she often does in her free time.

“I use poetry as a coping mechanism. I do it more for fun but it’s very useful,” said Miglio.

With graduation right around the corner she had to make a decision about her post-undergraduate life.

“After I graduate I’m going into the FTMA graduate program,” said Miglio.

Deciding to come to Sacred Heart for grad school was an easy choice for her.

“I like Sacred Heart and I thought the FTMA program was the best option for me,” said Miglio.

During her time in grad school she will pursue an education in film and television.

“I’ve been passionate about movies all my life and I want to use my creativity through the lens of a camera,” said Miglio.

Aside from her passion for film, she also enjoys photography.

“I picked up a camera after I started taking a photography class in highschool,” said Miglio.

During her undergrad career Miglio has taken photography classes, which has only advanced her love for photography.

“I started to take portraits  of people and ended up taking senior portraits and used them in my portfolio,” said Miglio. “I like to bring out the truth of people through pictures.”

A fun fact about Miglio is that she can speak fluent French.

Although she is graduating this spring, Miglio has learned a lot in her time at Sacred Heart and is looking forward to advancing into the FTMA program.

“I’m looking forward to starting the next chapter of my life,” she said. “Although the past four years are ending, there is so much I have to look forward to.”

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