Fox News Election Watch Party

By Christian Colon

Co-Copy Editor

Fox News and the Department of Government, Politics and Global Studies at Sacred Heart University will host a watch party on Nov. 8 at 7 p.m. to view the live coverage of Election Day.

Students, faculty, staff and even the Sacred Heart surrounding neighborhoods are invited to the Frank and Marisa Martire Center Forum for a night of free food and raffles to watch the nations 45th president elected.

“I have had the opportunity to work with Fox News as a College Associate this summer and for this semster as well. A big part of my job is to work with the Sacred Heart campus as a brand ambassador to create events like this where the community can come together and watch history be made,” said senior, and Managing Editor for Spectrum, Jessica Chaloux.

Fox had sponsored the first Election Debate at Sacred Heart back in September through Chaloux.

For this event, Chaloux has teamed up with La Hispanidad, College Democrats, College Republicans, The Pulse, The Spectrum Newspaper, and Hearts United. These clubs will help sponsor the event as well as participate in short presentations throughout the night.

Dr. Gary Rose, Professor and Chair in the Department of Government, Politics and Global Studies at Sacred Heart has taken part in promoting the watch party.

“We will do all we could possibly can to mobilize student interest. Teaming up with
Fox News has provided a unique opportunity to connect students to the 2016 election,” said Rose.

He urges students who are 18 years of age or older to go out and vote.

“The election results determine so many public policies that will affect their future.
Domestic and foreign policies are the direct outcome of who occupies the White House and the two chambers of Congress,” he said.

Junior Manuela Contreras, one of the co-presidents of La Hispanidad, Sacred Heart’s Latino Club, is proactive in getting her club involved with Election night.

During the watch party, her club will be speaking on the significance of this particular election in relation to the Latino community.

“La Hispanidad works to represent the Latino culture at Sacred Heart. The election has been a big topic among our culture because there are many implementations it can have on our community. La Hispanidad is working to promote the election so people can be educated on both sides of the debate, ” said Contreras. “The week before election day we will be having table times in the main academic hallway to make sure people go out and vote as well as promoting this amazing event on Nov. 8.”

Throughout the night, people at the event are welcome to cast their own vote in a mock voting booth to compare Sacred Heart results to the overall election. A poster will also be tracking the incoming election results of each state, sponsored by La Hispanidad.

“It’s great to be able to work with Fox and bring these opporitunities to Sacred Heart. As a Fox Associate I am helping students apply for internships with the company and continue to create relationships in the area. I’m looking forward to the Election Day event,” said Chaloux.

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