The Center for Career and Professional Development’s Resumania Week is a new event that is gaining popularity among Sacred Heart University students. 

Resumania Week offers students the opportunity to improve their resumes with the help of SHU career counselors. Along with speaking to trained staff, students can access resume guides and more resources through QR codes placed on tables at the Resumania Week sessions. 

Resumania Week took place in multiple locations on campus such as Martire, Center for Healthcare Education, West Campus, Pioneer Village, McMahon Commons, 63’s Patio, Pitt Center and various freshmen residence halls. The event was hosted at different times each day, making it easy for students to utilize the help of SHU’s Center for Career and Professional Development. 

“The goal is to broaden awareness of our department as a resource, while allowing students to receive on-the-spot coaching without scheduling a formal appointment,” said Patti Moran, Director of Career Programming & Experiential Learning. 

Amy Novak, Director of Career and Professional Development, believes each student’s resume has a crucial impact on their future success. 

“Your resume is your first line of defense when presenting your candidacy for an open opportunity,” said Novak. 

The Center for Career and Professional Development’s goal is to prepare their students for any opportunity that may come their way. 

“We hope that students gain familiarity with the Center for Career & Professional Development and a better understanding if their current resume is professionally ready to submit to upcoming opportunities,” said Moran. “We do not want our students to scramble as an opportunity and application deadline presents itself.” 

Students should not limit themselves to only editing their resumes during Resumania Week. 

“It is imperative that our students not only perfect their resume to reflect their accomplishments, strengths and past contributions, but also take the time to tailor the resume each time they apply for an open opportunity,” says Moran. 

Aside from Resumania Week, students can find articles on the Center for Career and Professional Development website with resources and strategies for job searches, how to organize and prioritize and how to deal with anxiety as a student. 

Resumania Week is one of the many events the Center for Career and Professional Development offers. Students from all academic programs and class years are invited to participate in these events. 

Another upcoming event is the “Meet the Employer” event, which will be held in the West Campus East Atrium on Sept. 20, Oct. 18 and Nov. 15. For updates on programs, events and resources, you can follow @shucareerdev on Instagram.

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