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After earning her Bachelor’s degree of Fine Arts at Millikin University in Illinois and her Master’s degree of Fine Arts at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia, Chercy Lott, an Art and Design professor at Sacred Heart University, was prepared to start a career in the education industry.

“I come from a family of educators and always knew that after several years working in the field, I would want to return to education to give back by helping to educate, invigorate, and help inspire the next generation of students,” said Lott.

Lott not only shares these passions at Sacred Heart, she also teaches online courses at the Savannah College of Art and Design as an advertising professor.

“She is an awesome teacher. I get excited to go into her class every morning,” said Sacred Heart senior Julia Leonard.

A course that she loves to teach at Savannah College of Art and Design is typography.

“I am passionate about the subject and how voice and tone are imperative to any form of communication. I love it when students become typographic aficionados themselves and become passionate about typography because of the class,” said Lott.

At Sacred Heart University, Lott teaches the course titled Digital Production Basics. This class is designed to offer skill development and specialized knowledge in digital media software. Photoshop for digital imaging; Illustrator, a vector-based software to create digital graphics; and InDesign, professional page-layout software for print and digital publishing. This course starts out with the very basics and concludes with a working knowledge in Vector, Pixel, and layout software for digital publishing.

“I successfully utilize a variety of practices and strategies in my classroom that lead to a successful learning experience,” said Lott.

Lott is not only a highly rated professor, she has also received various awards and is part of many organizations. She is part of the Directors Club at the Savannah College of Art and Design, the AIGA design organization, and the American Advertising Federation. In terms of awards, she has won the Silver Award in both of the American Advertising Awards, Logo Design and Self-Promotion.

It is very clear that becoming an educator has always been one of Lott’s goals. Not only has she achieved this, she also earned recognition for her outstanding performance in this role.

“Professor Lott makes learning interesting, especially with Photoshop. The assignments are fun and we get to learn so much at the same time,” said Leonard.

Through her outstanding morals about art and design as well as life, she has reached many students and impacted them greatly.

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