S.E.T. Halloween Week

Halloween Week hosted by Sacred Heart’s Student Events Team (S.E.T.) got students in the Halloween spirit. With a week full of events, there was something fun for everyone. 

“My entire dorm room is decorated for Halloween. I’m obsessed,” said junior Aster Mooney. 

The first event, Photo Candy Boxes, was held on Monday, Oct. 18. Students got a professional photo taken by a photographer in front of a green screen, then students got to choose between a variety of candy boxes to have their photos placed on. 

 “I am honestly so glad I went because it was so much fun,” said freshman Brianna Russo. 

Not only did students get a unique decorative candy box, but they also got to give into their sweet tooths after a long week of midterms.

The Psychic Fair is one of S.E.T.’s most popular events. This year, over 150 students signed up for the fun-filled night. Only 138 students were able to attend due to limited time. 

“I’ve never done something like this before,” said freshman Amanda Parks. “It really brought me out of my shell.” 

S.E.T. gives undergraduate students the chance to connect with one another, meet new people, and take advantage of what Sacred Heart has to offer.

Some students had an emotional night at the Psychic Fair.

“She [the psychic] brought up something so personal,” said freshman Anna Popolizio. “I never believed in something like this before until now.” 

Halloween Crafts Night was also high in attendance with over 50 students making macrame ghosts and Halloween garlands. As sophomore Amanda Palma, one of S.E.T.’s Theme Chair members was hosting the event, she said that they were already planning for Spring Week months in advance. 

“Every Wednesday we have a meeting to discuss the turn-out of past events as well as future events, theme weeks, and trips. In the process of planning events, we usually come to meetings with ideas for next month just to stay ahead of the game,” said senior Dayna Pendino, S.E.T.’s Public Affairs Chair. 

The S.E.T general members also contribute to the planning of these events. These members give the E-board members a chance to understand what the student body would want to see most on campus. 

“We want to make their SHU experience as fun and memorable as possible,” said Pendino.

Typically, freshmen attend these events the most since they are not allowed cars on campus, however, each event was inclusive of all class grades, making it available to anyone interested. 

“When I lived on campus, I always put the S.E.T. events in my agenda,” said junior Kelsey Akoury. 

To end the week, students had a movie night and a chance to make their own slime. Each event was thought out carefully and different from one another.

“Halloween Week has been in the works for over a month now,” said senior S.E.T. President Jenna Karpowich. 

To make this experience as engaging as possible, S.E.T. members posted reminders on Instagram, along with content from each night. Check out their Instagram stories to see all the fun students had throughout the week.

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