Sacred Heart’s New Morning Show, “Daylight”

By Henry Indictor

Staff Reporter

A new Morning Show, “Daylight,” has been created at Sacred Heart University, and the show has since produced one episode.

“Daylight,” is filmed and produced in the lobby of the Martire Business and Communications Center. Sacred Heart students star in and produce the episodes of the show.

These episodes consist of segments related to certain events that occur on campus. The promotion of “the holiday spirit” is a focus of the show, in correlation with the time-of-year the segment is taped.

The show was created by Professor Greg Golda, after he created some night-time shows for one of his Advanced Production classes. He had always envisioned the possibility of creating a morning show.

There were some initial plans that Golda had in place for where he wanted to film the show. Despite the unexpected change in setting, he ended up finding ways for his ideas to work.

“There was a possibility at some point that our studio was going to be in the Linda McMahon building, but that didn’t happen,” said Golda. “But in planning for that, we thought of a morning show similar to the ‘Today Show’ or ‘Good Morning America,’ where we would take advantage of the big windows in the McMahon Center. ‘Daylight’ was kind of a natural name that fit the show’s concept. So once we moved into the Martire, it was only a matter-of-time before I was able to incorportate the ‘Daylight’ concept into the class.”

The first show aired on YouTube on Oct. 11, and has received over 600 views.

Golda created the show as a way to let his students get involved and form their own ideas. He is optimistic in the direction that “Daylight” is headed.

“I think the indicator of success for a show like ‘Daylight’ is how the students react to it-both in hits, as well as self analysis,” said Golda. “What I was really happy with after the the first episode of show was edited and posted, was the that the team came back to the class not dwelling on the faults, but ready to make corrections and improve upon the show.”

One important aspect of the show, is that students are the main creators of its production.

Producers senior Lauren Baker and senior Emily Gentile, who is also a Graphics Editor for The Spectrum, are also excited about how the show is going so far.

“We were just kind of thrown into this. But being a producer on the show is definitely very rewarding,” said Gentile.

The show allows students to experience both on-air and behind-the-scenes production of a show.

“It was really cool to see how all of our hard work came together, even if on filming day we were all rushing around like a chicken with its head cut off,” said Gentile. “And when we finally got to see the edited project, it really made it worthwhile.”

One of the goals of the show is to try and be interactive with the faculty and students who are around the Martire as “Daylight’s” producers are in the process of filming.

“I think we learned a lot from our first show, and its only going to get better,” said Baker. “We have so many ideas that we’re just bouncing off of. The two producers and I really try to collaborate together with what’s best for the University, and how we can involve students.”

Plans for the next show which will air on Nov. 8, are to include some games in hopes of the distribution of prizes. Guests will include members of Campus Ministry, who will talk about ways to donate to help aid Puerto Rico.

Other future episodes will include more entertaining performers and students of Sacred Heart, to showcase their talent.

“Its a great opportunity for those who are interested in TV and studio, as well as anyone who wants to get their full experience in a classroom. This way they can put it on their resume,” said Gentile.

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