Taking a Break from the Stresses of Self-Quarantine during COVID-19

Liz Kalfayan
Staff Writer

The coronavirus is a topic of mass discussion. Practically every media source in the world is covering the virus in some way, and it has been that way for a couple of months.

There seems to be no end in sight as to when or if the coronavirus will not be a topic of discussion.  

One feeling that has washed over my mind since leaving my residence hall for the rest of the semester and for the summer is anxiety.

This feeling of anxiety is something I’m sure everyone can attest to having to some degree.  

What is causing the feelings of anxiety though?  

It is the feeling that I’m not going to do well in my classes, or that I’m going crazy not being able to leave my home to go out and see people or do anything.

Sometimes even the media itself is causing the rising levels of anxiety.  

There is still some getting used to being quarantined for the time being, but there are some ways I have been figuring out how to cope and adapt to the isolation.  

It is difficult to have to sit in front of a computer screen all day, every day for the next couple of weeks until the semester is over.

However, animals, music, exercise and reading are just some of the things that have become a huge distraction that is nice to have.  

One way to take a break from my computer screen and the media is to take my dog for a walk. At least once a day, I put headphones in and take my dog for a walk around the block. Sometimes it’s twice a day, if I need an extra break.

It’s just me, my dog and my music and the anxious feelings disappear for the time I am outside, for the most part.  

Another nice break from class work and the computer screen is picking up a good book and just reading for pleasure.

Reading for pleasure is something that is difficult to accomplish when in the midst of the semester.

A nice book break is sometimes needed in the chaos where you can escape into a world with no overwhelming world pandemic and anxiety that is often associated.  

It has been said often, but taking a break for yourself and going away from social media is often a good distraction from the world. At least for a little while.  




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