Wiesel and Frassati May Be the Best Dorms Yet

BY Shannon Szefinski, Mackenzie Maher, and Tyler Lascola

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The start of the spring semester did not just mean new classes for some Sacred Heart students – for those who spent the last four months living in the Trumbull Marriott, it meant finally being able to move into their newly finished dormitories on Upper Quad.

Together housing more than 240 residents, Elie Wiesel Hall and Pier Giorgio Frassati Hall opened to students on Jan. 12, and an official dedication ceremony will be held on Jan. 30. The twin dorms boast a unique view of the Lower Quad from the bridge between them, beneath which sits a newly installed metal sculpture: two figures, a man and woman, kneeling and facing each other. Wiesel is the one on the woman’s side, right next to Toussaint Hall.

The completion of Wiesel and Frassati was eagerly anticipated by those former Marriott residents, however the transition was difficult for some of them.

“It was like moving in twice. We had to take all of our things home and bring them back again,” said sophomore Sara Webel. “However, a second move-in day was kind of fun. It was like getting move-in day jitters all over again.”

“I feel like the experience brought us closer together after helping each other move in, and getting through it together,” said sophomore Connor Rossi.

After living at the Marriott and taking a shuttle to campus every day, residents on the Upper Quad enjoy being in the heart of campus.

“The location is in the most perfect spot on campus because it is right in the middle of everything. You’re surrounded by Lindas, the Main Academic Building and everything else is just a short walk,” said sophomore Tommaso Tollis.

“My favorite part of the new dorms has to be how close they are to everything on campus. It’s helpful that everything is a quick walk away, especially if you don’t have a car at school,” said sophomore Alex Miras.

“Living back on campus has been much more convenient. It is nice not having to take the shuttle every day to campus, like I did when I lived at the Marriott,” said sophomore Abby Radwanski (one of those without a car here).

Another perk of the location that Weisel and Frassati residents enjoy is the ease with which they can now be involved in different clubs and organizations.

“It was really difficult being so far, because you really did miss out on a lot of the experiences, clubs and activities SHU has to offer, simply because of the amount of time it took to get back and forth from campus,” said Webel.

“Being on campus makes me stay involved and feel more at home,” said sophomore Brooke Cahill.

Junior Cailee Mathewson says that there are so many things to love about the new dorms, the convenient location being just one.

“It is spacious, yet cozy and bright with all of the windows and lights. It just feels super clean,” she said.

The spaciousness is one of the qualities that students most remarked upon.

“My favorite part of the new building is the amount of space we have in the common room to chill and spend time with friends,” said Rossi.

“The way the rooms are set up makes them easily accessible for people to move around the room however they prefer, without feeling too close to one another,’’ said Tollis.

The dorms’ design is the first of its kind on the Sacred Heart campus. The two halls are set up apartment-style: two single bedrooms and one double, along with a bathroom, common room and kitchen.

“What residents can expect from living here is that they will never want to leave,” said junior RSA Brenna Reilly. “Being able to have access to their own kitchen, bathroom and living room gives such a homey feel to it.” And the residents concur!

“Some of my favorite things about the building are the kitchen, because of how big it is, and also the modern look of the rooms,’’ said junior Katie Graham. “I love how the rooms are arranged in an apartment style; it makes it feel so open.”

“The convenience of having your own kitchen and big fridge allows for my roommate and I to cook delicious meals together,” said Cahill. She also loves having her own room within her suite. “I find this super helpful when studying or doing homework. I think this feature makes the Upper Quad such an amazing place to live.”

Other amenities include wireless internet access, air conditioning/heating, and a closet, a desk and chair for each resident.

The Residence Success Assistants of the new Upper Quad are taking steps to make living in the new building the best experience, for residents and for students who just want to come inside and see what it is like.

“Being in the brand new building on campus means that we are the talk of the university. Everyone is going to want to come in and see all the beautiful features themselves, so keeping on top of students’ safety and the cleanliness of the building is going to be key,” said senior Rob Allingham.

In the words of Residence Hall Director Daniele Mascia, “These residence halls are somewhere that students will create many new memories and make friendships that will last a lifetime.”

Freshman Julia Dobie says she hopes to live in one of the two new dorms next year when she is given the opportunity, once the housing lottery comes out.

“Living in Roncalli has not been the best location because it is very far from everything on campus. The new buildings are at the center of everything and a much more convenient place to live,” said Dobie.

Alongside Toussaint, these buildings comprise the east side of the future Upper Quad residential village, which is now about halfway complete. Three more dorms and another dining hall are still in the works.

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