She Said: Halloween Movies: Scary or Silly?

BY: Kristin Burnell

A&E Asst.

There are various Halloween movies out there in the world that help get viewers in the spooky, Halloween spirit.

Whether it be the scary films like “Halloween” or “The Haunting in Connecticut” or more child-like films like “Halloweentown” or “Hocus Pocus,” there are an assortment of options to watch.

Personally, I think the goofy child-like movies are the best to view around Halloween time. I mean you can’t go wrong with Hocus Pocus, it is by far the best Halloween movie of all time.

The iconic cast and enjoyable plot line make for a great, fun feature that I have adored since I was a little kid. Legendary actors like Bette Midler and Sarah Jessica Parker grace the screen in their portrayal of two of the three witches that were the Sanderson sisters. Growing up, I would always look forward to watching Hocus Pocus with my two sisters and we would pretend like we were the famous Sanderson’s. It would help us get into the spirit more and became apart of what made Halloween more entertaining each year.

Disney did not shy away from Halloween movies in the late ‘90s and early 2000s that would be known by our generation as “the classics”. Another popular film that makes the list of the best Halloween movies, in my opinion, is Twitches. Everyone’s favorite ‘90s twins, Tia and Tamara

Mowry, star as two twin sister witches in this Disney hit. I often forgot about this hidden gem of a Halloween movie, but when it was shown on Disney Channel each year, I could not contain my anticipation to watch it.

Thinking about the movie and the joy it would bring to me, makes me want to see it again. The feelings that I got as a kid viewing these Halloween classics, have stuck with me even 10 years later.  I believe that any holiday is centralized around tradition and that these movies have played an influential role in people’s childhoods affecting how they view them as they grow older.

As I do still admire kid-like Halloween movies as they are what makes Halloween unique and I have continued to watch each year. My friends love viewing these classic hits as well, even though we are in college now.

The Halloweentown series is an ultimate favorite amongst various generations. It has Debbie Reynolds in it…need I say more?! In her role as Grandma Aggie, she becomes everyone’s favorite on screen Grandma and captivated viewers to adore the series more with her character. I think that Disney childhood star, Kimberly J. Brown, convinced us all that we would become a witch and get magic powers on our 13th birthday like her character did in the movie. Who doesn’t love movies that can make you feel that excitement and pure bliss?

Of course, it is up for debate that these movies aren’t as enjoyable as we get older, and that scarier films are loved by adults. However, I do not see this as the case as I and many other young adults still find pleasure in viewing the kid-like classics compared to the scary films. Halloween would not be complete without these vintage movie hits. They bring back nostalgia and the best feelings we had during our childhood. It is no doubt that these not-so scary movies are the absolute best and are what truly make Halloween, Halloween. The holiday we all know and love.

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