The Ink Pen Debate

He Said: Anthony Mattariello

So if you haven’t noticed yet the He Said She Said column has been mostly about food. I mean we’ve done avocados, macaroni and cheese and mac and cheese bites.

For this issue we’re going to change things up a little bit. We’re going to talk about something that most people probably don’t even think of but it affects your everyday lives, especially students.

This week’s topic of discussion if pens that write with blue ink or pens that write in black ink.

It may seem that this topic is a little trivial, however, like most things I feel very strongly about the color of ink that’s in my pen.

Pens are something that I don’t take for granted. When I was in elementary school we weren’t allowed to write with pens until the fourth grade.

Even then we needed to have a good enough hand writing with a pencil to get approved by the teacher for a pen.

Now I didn’t have the best handwriting. If fact, I had the worst handwriting in the class. Come to think of it, to this day my mother yells at me for how terrible my handwriting is.

Thank God for Microsoft Word, am I right?

Anyways, just imagine being a little nine-year-old Anthony when week after week you are being denied the usage of a pen while everyone in the class happily jots down their notes in pen.

Of course there’s the moment when your pencil breaks and you must get up to use the sharpener. Everyone staring at you judging and laughing.

It definitely wasn’t the height of my elementary career. Finally, one day the teacher broke down and allowed me to write in pen. Probably out of pity for my own soul.

So from that day on I never took a pen for granted and I also put a lot of thought into what type of pen I use. I am a big fan of BIC pens. They are simple and comfortable to use and very efficient.

As for the color of ink, that was something I wouldn’t figure out until I was in my final years in high school.

Nonetheless, I figured out and the answer to the question is blue ink. Blue ink is the best ink to use.

Personally I think that blue ink is better on the eyes when reading over your notes. Also, blue ink is just more fun than staring at some plain black ink.

I write with my left hand. If anyone reading this is a lefty then you know that when you write across the page your hand gets some ink smeared on the side of it.

It’s a struggle that even with all this technology we have in the world has still not been resolved. But the blue ink, I think, is less suspicious to people than seeing a streak of black across the side of your hand.

Another good reason blue ink is better is for corrections. Mostly everything is now typed up on a computer, including essays and tests for class which means they’re done in black ink.

When you get your assignments back it’s easier to correct yourself with a blue pen so you can go back and easily find your corrections.

Blue pens are just better overall, end of story.

She Said: Kelsey Hor

Everyone uses black pens. They are the plainest writing utensils you can use to write a cute little message or letter. Given that you can find them anywhere, it’s the easiest thing to pick up in an office or a classroom.

Now as far as black pens versus blue pens go, my friend Anthony over there would say that blue pens are better for whatever reason.

Personally, I think that black pens are so much easier to write with. For the most part you can get away with so much more.

Lets say you made a huge error on your paper you were handwriting and you don’t have any witeout around. It’s best to just cross out your answers or sentence with a few lines using the pen that you used in the first place.

Many people find that black pens are the official color to write for any signature signings or for any legal documentation.

Overall, from a perfectionist or artist standpoint, it contrasts so much better to white paper as opposed to blue ink pens.

Although you might think that this is odd and it might not come to your mind at all, some people think that inividuals that write with a black ink pen have characteristics that are more professional and more conservative to those who write in blue ink pens.

Now I’m not saying that’s all people who perfer to write in black ink pens have these charactersitics, but personally it seems quite fasinating that some people do have those thoughts to such a  non important topic.

Also the great thing about black pens is that most things that are professional typed out are in black ink.

If you made a mistake on a paper or an important document, it’s so easy to make that correction with a black pen without having it look completely unprofessional or sloppy.

On the paper it will look more clean and crisp to send out instead of using a red or blue pen.

Unlike other colored pens such as red or blue pens, black pens will always be black pens. What I mean is unlike other pen colors, they will not change shades of the same color from different brands of pens to another.

You know how when you write a paper with a Paper-mate blue pen, and then realize you made some errors at another time of the day, and you have to make changes to it.

You suddenly have to find another blue pen only to later find out that the shade of blue is a little darker then the pen you used on the original write-up.

Doesn’t that frustrate you a little bit that there is very little consistency in that paper now as far as appearance?

Black pens will always be black pens no matter what type of brand or how many times you correct your paper.

Black pens will always stay the
same shade.

Whether you chose to write your handwritten paper in black or a colored pen, I hope your writing comes out well-written and looks sharp.

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