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With all of the new innovations that Sacred Heart University has put into practice, the Campus Concierge is yet another that can be added to the list.

The Campus Concierge is a student-run informational organization that provides numerous services for faculty and students both on campus and off.

Located in the Main Academic Building across from the 63’s dining hall, the Campus Concierge began operation this fall. The Student Union chose this location because it would be the most convenient and noticeable for students.

“The Campus Concierge is a hub for the campus” said Michael Moylan, Director of Student Union.

Off-campus services include reduced movie ticket prices for Bow Tie Cinemas, restaurant recommendations, and information about local businesses.

Students can also get information on local transportation, including schedules for ferries, trains, local buses, and Sacred Heart shuttles.

Restaurants local to the area are organized in sections based on each meal of the day. In the lunch and dinner sections, the restaurants are split into different styles of food, such as Italian, Chinese, or seafood, that students may be interested in.

The on-campus services offered by the Campus Concierge include locker rentals in Hawley Lounge, and recreational rentals for chess sets, tables, and easels.

Students can also get general campus information including phone numbers, campus events, classroom locations, and faculty office locations.

While the Sacred Heart Campus Concierge is still in its developmental stage, it is quickly gaining popularity in the student body.

“The new concierge service is an awesome addition to our school,” said junior Hallie Young. “I am a big movie buff, and being able to easily get movie tickets while on campus for just $7 is a perfect, hassle-free way to enjoy a  night out with friends.”

The Campus Concierge has been a growing trend in universities across the country, and the Student Union worked  for several years in order to bring one to Sacred Heart.

“Many colleges and universities are moving away from traditional information desks,” said Moylan.

In addition, the Campus Concierge also offers SHU card replacement services, which was previously located in the Student Union Office.

“As people’s needs change and information changes daily, we strive to stay on top of it and be ahead of the curve to keep providing those necessary things for our students,” said Moylan.

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