The Martire Turkey

It’s not Thanksgiving, but at Sacred Heart University, turkey is on the mind of many students. 

If you have been driving down Park Avenue or walking to the Martire Center for the Liberal Arts, you have most likely seen the infamous wild turkey. 

The turkey has become the talk of Sacred Heart as many find it to be an inconvenience. The “Mar-Turkey”, as many students refer to it, can be seen hanging around the house on the corner of Park Avenue and Old Town Road.  

“I live right by where he hangs out, so he is often just in my back or front yard. He is a bit of an inconvenience because he likes to chill on top of our cars and he’s just in our way a lot,” said senior Cam Ward. “I haven’t had too many issues with him, but he does often hold up traffic on Old Town Road when he is in the street which makes it difficult to pull out of my driveway or cross the street.” 

Although the turkey has been a problem for several students, many find it to be humorous. An Instagram page has been created that includes videos and pictures that students send in, detailing their “Mar-Turkey” sightings. 

“The turkey has become the new mascot for Martire,” said sophomore Brigid Pearl.  

Many are curious to know if the university is aware of the turkey and want to know why the animal stays in one area each day. 

Executive Director of Public Safety and Government Affairs Gary MacNamara says he has been in contact with Fairfield Animal Control.

“They have indicated that the turkey remains in the area because there must be a food source,” said MacNamara. “We are also discussing options with the State of Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection to see if there are options to relocate the animal. Our concern is that the turkey is impeding traffic and may get struck.”

Although Public Safety wants to relocate the wild animal, many students do not want to see him go. 

“I understand why the school would want to relocate the turkey, but I don’t think they should because he keeps my walks to Martire interesting and I am always wondering if I am going to see him or not,” said sophomore Jessica Waldron.

As Sacred Heart continues to speak with Animal Control on what to do about the turkey and how to deal with the inconveniences, they offer some advice on how to stay safe around the turkey.

“Give the turkey space, and do not chase it while the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection considers options,” said MacNamara.

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