Let’s Hit the Slopes

By Thomas Peticca

Asst. Features Editor

With the temperature starting to rapidly drop as winter gets closer, everyone gets their own thoughts as to what is coming up next. Most people start thinking of Christmas and the holiday season. Others dread the cold and start reminiscing back to the warmer days of summer. For many people, including myself, this is the start of one of my favorite times of year, ski season.

Ski season means a lot of different things. Some people do it casually once or twice a year with friends, for others it’s a lifestyle, going every day they can. The thing that all people who enjoy ski season share is the love for the sport. There is just something about it that brings people together.

Going on a ski trip with family or friends is always an absolute blast. Spending the day on the mountain hitting the slopes and putting your skills to the test, just to follow it with trying to find the best après ski bar closest to the mountain. Après ski bars are often some of the best and most underrated nightlife out there, nobody parties quite like skiers and snowboarders. Just watch any 1980s ski movie.

If you do not already ski or snowboard but have wanted to try it I would tell you to go out and do it this winter. Grab some friends, go out and try and teach yourself or take a lesson. Nobody on the mountain is out there to judge you for trying to learn. Renting equipment is an easy process at almost any mountain so there is almost no excuse to not try it at least once. Especially being in New England, there are Ski Mountains everywhere in the northeast.

When trying to convince my friends to learn to ski or ride, some of the most popular responses to not wanting to try is because they are afraid of getting hurt. That’s all part of the fun though. Big falls are all part of the learning experience and it is usually good for a laugh. Sometimes it results in a great story as well. One of my favorite stories my Dad tells is the time he broke his leg skiing and tried to hide it from his mom. Everyone always remembers a good fall.

On the other side of the spectrum, you may find yourself getting good at it, and that’s when skiing really becomes fun. Not only do you get to challenge yourself by going down more difficult slopes but also it opens you up to more fun on the mountain. Whether you’re hitting jumps in the park or snaking your way through the glades trails, it gets very exciting.

So here is a plea to all of you out there who have never tried skiing or snowboarding, go out there this winter and give it a shot. Sure there are reasons not to go, like it is too cold out, or it is expensive, but you just might fall in love with a new hobby.

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