Life is Better With A Dog

If you had walked into my house 2 years ago, you would immediately be able to tell we don’t have a dog…and we never have. I always think about how my childhood would have been different growing up with a furry friend. 

My brother, Michael, has always begged for a dog. There was a void in his heart that he has been wanting to fill for years because he has so much love to give. Michael was sure that a puppy would benefit his life, and truly all of our lives. 

I am very close with my family, they are my best friends. We love animals, but for some reason my parents have always been against pets! It could be the shedding, or the slight allergy my dad has, or the amount of money, time and attention a dog requires. It just never seemed realistic for the Champoux family to have a dog. 

Last February, my brother was very adamant about having a doggie roommate. I was preparing to go back to school for the spring semester when my parents came to me to tell me the most exciting and surreal news I have ever heard. They told me that they APPROVED my brother’s request for a puppy. Two weeks later, four-week-old Mac the beagle was moving in.

We took this baby in and the whole dynamic of my household changed. I am now Auntie, my mom is Grandma, and my dad is called Papa. Currently when you walk into my house, you will see Mac’s fur, you will see his water bowl, you will see stuffing from a toy that he ripped apart. But we love this new, fast-paced lifestyle. 

His floppy ears are so soft and his little smile is so sweet. He can do cool tricks like ‘paw’ and ‘spin’ and it blows me away every time. We spoil Mac with love, treats, toys, blankets, really anything he wants. During winter break, the best part of my days were taking Mac on walks and running around in our backyard together. 

Mac turned one in November on the same day as his Papa, and my family had so much fun planning this day. It was then I knew that dogs can heal.

There is something about picking Mac up and squeezing him tight to my chest that sends all anxieties away. My brother also became more grounded and focused when Mac came into our lives. We are still baffled that our parents let this happen, but no regrets. 

The joy this little beagle brings to my family is unmatched to anything we’ve felt before. My brother is Charlie Brown and Mac is his Snoopy. Sometimes, we legitimately just stare at him because he is such a perfect puppy. Watching him grow and learn is extremely rewarding, because he pays me back with love and kisses every day. 

Life is just better with a dog. 

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