The One Time the Sequel is Better

Firstly, if you do not like Tall Girl just admit you do not have any taste.

Secondly, if you do have taste then I think we can agree that Tall Girl 2 was even better than Tall Girl. 100x better and that is saying something since the first one was amazing.

Tall Girl 2 did what The Kissing Booth and To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before should have done. The creators of Tall Girl 2 clearly listened to the complaints made by the critics of all 3 movies and expertly tweaked the issues with the first one and made the second one even better.

If you are a non-believer of the film’s greatness, then you leave me with no choice, I must create the ultimate guide to watching Tall Girl 2. 

…You did this to yourself, just remember that.

Here are a few quick rules before we start:

1. Make sure you have water you can spit out

2. Make sure you have popcorn…to eat and throw

3. Make sure you have a viewing partner you are comfortable with

4. Make sure you talk, rewind, and pause when needed (it is encouraged if not required)

And lastly…

5. Understand that if Jake from State Farm agreed to be in the movie, then it clearly is worthy of an Emmy

And now it is time to analyze:

1. Pay close attention to the different shots, transitions, and filming/editing techniques used. The embraced change from TG to TG2 can be attributed to the change of cinematographers from Eric Alan Edwards to Shanbe Hurlbut. This is a crucial part because the cinematography for this film helps create not only artistic and visually appealing scenes but also helps tell the story in an effective way

2. Admire the wardrobe choices and take notice of the differences between the characters’ outfits.

-Jodi (pronounced Yodee): Jeans, cropped sweaters and shirts, floral dresses, and comfortable lounge wear

-Dunkers/Dunkleman (pronounced Short King): Sweater vests, collared shirts, tailored trousers, and polyester jackets

-Stig (pronounced Ingvar Krueger wannabe): Plain tees, jeans, light jackets, and perfectly tousled hair

-Tommy (pronounced Dream Boat): Plain white tees (Haha), leather jackets, jeans, and the cutest face ever

-Fareeda (pronounced Girl Code savant): Graphic tees, cool homemade pieces, and equally as cool hair

-The wardrobe team for the film did an amazing job at styling the characters and helping the audience further understand the characters

3. Listen clearly to the well-crafted and delivered dialogue that can be credited to Sam Wolfson

-“Does Jodi ever talk about me?” (A line easily guessed while also still being iconic)

-“Do you want to impress your girlfriend, or do you want to sit here and chit chat?” (Easily my favorite line of the film)

All joking aside, even though I mostly if not completely have not been joking this whole time, Tall Girl 2 is a quintessential piece of my college career. I am not crazy enough to say whole life because they might make a Tall Girl 3 and I am rational that it can only get better. It’s certain that one positive thing will be able to be written in the history books about 2022 and I think we can both know what that is…Uncharted was finally released in theaters.

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