The Pressures of Being Overly Involved

By Jessica Chaloux

Managing Editor 

Getting involved on campus is something that is highly recommended, especially when coming into college as a freshman. 

During my freshman year I really wanted to make sure that I set myself up to have the best experience I possibly could in college. So I took the suggestion of being involved and ran with it, and that started by signing up for the prefall rogram Lights, Camera, Action.

Along with being a Division I athlete on the Sacred Heart Equestrian Team, I involved myself with the theatre department, WHRT, SHUbox, orchestra and improv team (for a short time, I’m no actor). And that’s just during my freshman year.

Through sophomore and junior year, I dropped some clubs and moved on to others until I really found what I was passionate about. All of my experiences in these organizations have brought some really amazing people into my life which has made my time at Sacred Heart unforgettable, whether I’m still apart of them or not.

Over time the clubs that I had made a permanent part of my career at Sacred Heart expanded into taking on leadership roles. This year I have been lucky enough to accept positions in roles such as a captain for the equestrian team, managing editor for Spectrum, La Hispanidad advertisement/social chair and interning with Fox News. It feels amazing to be able to move up into roles like these and act as a role model to underclassmen.

I think overall my proudest movement within my involvements would be my nomination into captain. I’ve always put my team first, after academics, and having that pay off by accepting this position was the best feeling ever.

So I’d say that my goal to become involved on campus
definitely paid off.

That being said, I really do appreciate all of the opportunities that have risen from all of these amazing organizations, but sometimes being so involved gets a little overwhelming.

Honestly, I never really expected to run into that problem and it kind of threw me off this semester when I realized how much time has been taken up. I had really begun to stress about everything that would be on my plate, even before the semster had started.

I’m very personable and love to be able to work with a lot of different people and do different things. Maybe that’s why I find being stressed over being over involved, stressful. That probably doesn’t make much sense, but I want to be able to keep taking on more and do everything. I’ve always gone into everything with the mindset of: always say yes, you never know where it can lead.

But really, you can’t always say yes. Working on saying no is one of the hardest things I’ve had to do. I’ve found that saying no to something gives you more of an opportunity to do improve on others.

So yes, definitely get involved in campus life and keep challenging yourself to try new things. The biggest reason why I know a fairly large number of people on campus is because of my involvements. But don’t be afraid to exercise your right to politely decline extra activities if you have too much on your plate. Sometimes an extra nap works just as well.

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