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Would an ice cream spot on campus “peak” your interest? If ice cream satisfies your cravings, the Peak might be the place for you.

The Peak creamery, previously located in Angelo Roncalli Hall, is moving to Christian Witness Commons.

“The Peak will be located in the basement area of Jean Donovan Hall (building A), directly across from the fitness facility,” said senior Celina Pozzuto, one of the managers at the Peak. “It is scheduled to open in mid- to late October.”

When asked if she went to the Peak during her time at Sacred Heart University, senior Marissa Chiarenza said, “Yes, during my freshman year! I loved going down the elevators to grab a quick ice cream… it was a great study break and treat to look forward to every once in a while.”

Many questions arose when the Peak closed at Roncalli Hall. Why? And what was keeping it from being reopened?

“The reopening of the Peak took so long because there were many steps we had to go through to initiate the change,” said Pozzuto. “We had to follow health code and get certain things installed, and the process took up most of the 2017-2018 school year, unfortunately.”

A lot of the menu items and other details are still being determined, and the Peak will not be available as an option for work study again.

“The Peak is run through the Jack Welch College of Business. Our employees are students from the College of Business and are not work study,” said Pozzuto. “We hire Accounting, Marketing, and Management associates to help front-end as well as back-end functions.”

“While living in Roncalli Hall,” said junior Amanda de Lauzon, “me and my friends went all the time, and it was a great way to have an off-campus type of experience while staying in our dorm building. I think it will do well in CWC because people can hang out there at night with their friends and have fun.”

Sophomores – who are largely unfamiliar with the Peak because it hasn’t existed during their experience at Sacred Heart – are very interested in the Peak’s reopening, but at the same time some are on-the-fence. The location of the creamery is a factor.

“It’s far away for some people and if I’m craving ice cream, I won’t find myself walking all the way to CWC,” said sophomore Jess Quattrucci.

Freshman Samantha Young, regardless of the location, is excited about the opening of the creamery.

“I wouldn’t mind walking from Seton to CWC to get some ice cream,” she said. “I think allowing students to pay with swipes or dining dollars would be great, especially since I’m a freshman and don’t want to spend too much of my own money.”

Some students also commented on menu items. For sophomore Hannah Bruno, the topics of dairy-free options and accommodating students with special dietary needs are important factors in determining whether or not to visit the Peak.

“As a vegan, having dairy-free options is a great way to ensure that all students are being accommodated,” said Bruno.

Personal preference comes into play as well.

“I also think they should have specialty flavors and waffle cones,” said Young.

“Incorporating unique, multidimensional dining options back into the off-campus residence halls is a smart investment for the university.” said Chiarenza. “It can help to reunite the residence hall community over a shared common interest: delicious ice cream.”

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