CoverGirl to CoverBoy?

By Caroline Fallon

Staff Reporter

For 60 years CoverGirl magazine has been a makeup company that has promoted young women to be clean, fresh, natural and approachable when wearing makeup. Ever since they released their first issue, they always had a female celebrity or model on the front cover as their spokesperson.

However, that changed on Oct. 11 when singer-songwriter Katy Perry announced on her Instagram that the new face of CoverGirl was a male.

His name is James Charles. He is a 17-year-old New Yorker, and he has been an aspiring makeup artist who will be the face for CoverGirl’s new mascara, So Lashy.

  Charles, within just one year of going public on social media about his interest in makeup, has already reached 113,000 subscriptions on his YouTube channel and 743,000 followers on his Instagram page.

“I think it is awesome that CoverGirl has a new male spokesperson because there is no reason someone should be discriminated based on gender. If makeup makes them feel good, they should be able to wear it,” said junior Danielle Warnken. “It shows how the world is slowly becoming more accepting.”

Charles was able to catch the eye of CoverGirl once his social media life became very well known.

His videos range from being able to do a classic look to hard Halloween makeup tutorials, according to

“Breaking gender norms just comes instantly as soon as a boy is comfortable and confident enough to put on makeup. I think it’s so important to love who you are and be comfortable in your own skin,” Charles told BuzzFeed.

Many people are applauding Charles for being able to take a stand and do what he loves even though some may be against it.

“I think Cover Girl should give any individual they feel is CoverGirl material a chance to show what they got. If it’s a man it’s a man, if it’s a woman it’s a woman. I think all of this means that the future is full of acceptance,” said junior Kristyn Velez. “I think our future is headed in the direction in which eventually we won’t really know what the social norm is and that will be a good thing.”

In an interview with The Guardian, Charles said that enjoying makeup isn’t about him  trying to find his gender identity.

“I’m still confident as a boy and I will always be a boy. I can be confident with bare skin and with a full face,” Charles said.

The Guardian also attached many positive messages that Charles has received since becoming the new face of CoverGirl. These messages praise him for being able to do what he pleases without listening to the negativity.

“I think the world is going in the right direction,” said junior Sanaya Williams. “As long as you aren’t disrespecting someone, then it shouldn’t be a problem or a strain on the world.”

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