Fall Flavors: Getting Into the Mood


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Who’s ready for the return of warm and comforting fall-flavored foods and drinks? Junior Nicole Mucciarone is more than ready for the return of these seasonal flavors.

“I love getting pumpkin-spice-flavored iced coffees in the fall,” said Mucciarone. “The moment I saw pumpkin spice on the menu at Dunkin’ Donuts, I began ordering it, and I will continue ordering it until they take it off the menu for winter.”

With the fall season approaching, some students are more than excited to sip on their pumpkin spice lattes and eat apple cider donuts. Other students, however, find these flavors unenjoyable.

As the leaves begin to change colors and the air becomes crisp, flavors like pumpkin, apple, and cinnamon become the staple flavors for the fall season.

For junior Nina Catanzaro, these fall flavors bring a feeling of warmth as the weather starts to cool down.

“I love fall-flavored food and drinks because fall is my favorite season, and my birthday month is in the fall,” said Catanzaro. “Another thing I love is that my mom always makes fall treats like pumpkin spice breads and assorted pies.”

However, not all students are big fans of fall flavored foods and drinks. For sophomore Meagan DeMarchis, fall flavors are something she is not very familiar with.

“I don’t have a favorite fall treat; I’ve never really tried any fall foods or drinks,” said DeMarchis.

Although some people enjoy fall flavors, the spiced flavors of fall treats may not be for everyone.

Junior David Esposito said, “I honestly don’t drink any fall drinks. I don’t like the different spices on the coffees. I’m definitely not a pumpkin guy.”

While the distinct flavor of pumpkin may not be for everyone, there are other flavors associated with the fall. With it being apple-picking season, apples are also a key ingredient in fall desserts and drinks.

“Although that’s the case, I love the apple cider donuts. I can eat those all year around,” said Esposito.

“I think fall flavors are so enjoyable to some people because of the different flavors that are associated with it,” said DeMarchis. “When I think of fall foods I think of fresh fruit with cinnamon.”

If you are looking for a muffin or a coffee at this time of year at your local coffee shop, you are likely to find spiced pumpkin or apple flavors. Dunkin’ Donuts recently released their fall flavors, which include pumpkin spice, apple crisp, and maple pecan.

“A lot of popular restaurants and food chains release exclusive products in fall flavors like pumpkin, cinnamon, apple, and more,” said Catanzaro.

Students like Catanzaro and Mucciarone are eager to get a taste of these fall flavors for the short time that they are sold. However, there are other students who choose to steer away from these warm seasonal flavors.

Junior Taylor Typrowicz thinks that any time of the year is a good time for nice cold iced coffee. However, she does not enjoy the fall flavors in her coffee.

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