Goodbye Fall and Hello Winter

He Said: Anthony Mattariello

The changing of the seasons brings in many different things. New holidays are coming up, people bring out a whole different wardrobe, and the temperature changes.

There is quite the variety of people when it comes to liking the change of weather. Some people prefer the warmth of the summer and spring, but others strive more in the harsh cold conditions of the winter.

Personally, I prefer the cold rather than the warmth. That is one of the reasons why I decided to look into schools in the Connecticut area.

I’m not sure why I do. It might have come from when I was a child. I grew up on Staten Island where we didn’t get much snow during the winter.

Except one year when I was in kindergarten and we got hit with a big snowstorm where I didn’t have school for a week.

So from then on I always looked forward to the winter for the off chance we would get hit with a big blizzard so I could miss school.

Not to mention playing in the snow is probably the best thing ever. I mean skiing, snowboarding, sledding and tubing. You just can’t beat any of that.

Also, you’ve got snowball fights. There is nothing like getting together with your boys, making teams and having a huge snowball fight.

I remember having such fights back home. We would make snow forts, load up with snowballs and let loose on some unsuspecting victims.

All of this fun is due to the nice cold weather we get during the winter. However, snowball fights and snowboarding might not be the only reason that turned me onto frigid weather.

Of course there is a very special holiday that comes around just once a year during the wintertime.

I’m talking about Christmas; Santa Claus, Kris Kringle, Old Saint Nick, Father Christmas.

Who doesn’t enjoy getting together with your favorite relatives and exchanging some sweet gifts? The answer is no one. If you don’t enjoy that than you really shouldn’t be reading this article or be living on this planet.

I know Christmas is a holiday that’s only celebrated by Christians, but other religions have similar festivities.

Hanukkah, for example, is a Jewish holiday that involves eight days of celebration. How awesome is that?

So whatever your religion might be, it seems you have a good reason to enjoy the wintertime and the cold weather that comes with it.

When I was little I was burdened with a terrible allergy. I was allergic to tree pollen and I also have an allergy to mosquitoes.

Thankfully during the winter the cold temperatures kill all the leaves on the trees and the mosquitoes so I didn’t have to worry about either of them.

If you can recall in one of my amazing past “he saids,” I mentioned that I’m really into the flannel game. The winter is primetime for some excellent flannel wearing.

In fact I’m wearing a flannel right now while writing this, and odds are I’ll also be wearing it when you read this. As a result, I’m comfy as ever.

So yeah, warm weather may have its perks of being able to swim and walk around half naked, but honestly the cold is so much more refreshing.

She Said: Giovanna Gatto

Sweater weather is upon us and I have already gulped down my first gingerbread latte from Starbucks. By the way, that drink is the most underrated seasonal beverage, but I suppose that is a topic for another day.

It is the end of November and we are diving head first into frostbite and chapped lips. It is time to wrap your infinity scarf to infinity and beyond, trade in your stylish fingerless gloves for something more practical and zip up that army green parka from American Eagle, because winter has arrived. 

We are no longer watching “Game of Thrones” wondering when winter is coming because the season just hit us in the face. I mean literally, this morning my own breath was backfiring in the cold as I longingly waited for the shuttle.

However, we are lucky because as we say goodbye to the warmth we welcome in winter. Now I am sure there are plenty of snow hating, bitter winter people who despise everything cold reading this.

To them I say you are just confusing your climate privilege with one of the most amazing gifts from mother nature, the four seasons. No I am not talking about the high society hotel brand, I am talking about summer, winter, spring and fall.

As you may have figured out, this week we are discussing winter. Yet, in my opinion, I would be doing the other seasons a disservice if I didn’t discuss their value and importance. All seasons lives matter. Now who’s with me?

Okay but really, every season has a purpose and climate change is a real issue in our world. So we should hold high our snow days, and toast to the blistering heat because one day I want my kids to know what both of those feel like.

If we marginalize one season over another and forget to take care of our earth then there may no longer be seasons to talk about.

Now in regards to the cold, I am a big winter gal. I like bundling up and sitting by the fire. As a kid, my hand-me-down snowsuit was prime attire for the winter months. I lived in the snow and lived for the cold.

Yet, as with the winter haters, that moment when the snow melted and spring came about was always exciting for me.

Many people comment on the left over snow from the winter as a gross close to the season. However, contrary to an unprovable popular opinion, I love that time of year.

The period where the seasons collide. When fall bleeds into winter, when winter crosses to spring, etc. This is my happy moment.

As a person, I love change and these moments are just that. They are mother nature adapting, readjusting and showing her colors.

In our regional area we are truly blessed with a full cycle of seasons.

So to all of you warm-loving people, try to tough it out because spring will be here before you know it.

I know you are already dreaming of moving to Florida or living on a tropical island, but for now grab a gingerbread latte, fuzzy blanket and enjoy the change of the seasons…while it lasts.

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