Marriott Residents Coming to Toussaint

By Anthony Santino

Co-Perspectives Editor

Over the past few months, Sacred Heart University has undergone many changes.

While the university has expanded greatly, the plans for new residence halls and the expansion of the Upper Quad are still underway.

The newest residence hall, Toussaint Hall, named after the first African American saint is set to open its doors following the imminent completion of its renovation.

It will be a modern, quad style residence hall within a short walking distance to the William H. Pitt Center, JP’s Diner and Linda’s.

It’s anticipated that students will be able to move into the new hall sometime in November or early December of 2017.

However, while waiting for these new dorms to be ready, a number of students have to stay at the Trumbull Marriott Merritt Parkway.

This has been a housing option for a number of years, but the influx of new students and incomplete status of Toussaint Hall has made it a more necessary living option than ever.

“I personally don’t enjoy the thought of having to move back and forth,” said senior Atene DiLuca. “By the time I have to move into Toussaint Hall, I will be comfortable with living at the hotel.”

Sophomore Fernando Gonzalez agrees with DiLuca’s sentiments, but still sees a benefit to his temporary living arrangement.

“Having to move midway through the year is an inconvenience, yet the privilege to have a new dorm is a solid added incentive,” said Gonzalez.

With most freshmen and some upperclassmen not having access to a car, shuttle service is one of their only options to get to campus.

“I often have to go early just to be on time for my classes,” said Gonzalez.

Even with any hassles related to being distant from campus Sacred Heart residents of the Marriott face, the completion of Toussaint Hall will significantly alleviate such obstacles.

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