He Said: Traditional vs. Boneless Wings

BY Roberto Rojas

Asst. Perspectives Editor

I’ve always been known to be picky with certain kinds of food. Of course, this isn’t something that I should be proud of but it’s worth talking about. A recent argument has made me debate the idea of how regular boned wings are better than boneless wings.

Well, I’m here to say that I will be the contrarian and perhaps get a bit of stick as to why I am not a fan of the regular wings but a huge, huge fan of boneless wings.

Certainly, I feel my story as to why I like it seems to be much more of how it is when it comes to my food tastes, but I’ll explain why. Whenever I go somewhere like Buffalo Wild Wings, for example, which I think is the best restaurant to get wings anywhere, it’s pretty obvious that the first thing I will get are those boneless wings dipped in honey BBQ or something a bit of spicy. It’s a match made in heaven.

  I think I would be wrong in saying that I’m in the minority because of how many people are fans of traditional wings or how I’m becoming soft because of people saying that boneless wings are just the same as eating chicken nuggets or a food similar to that. Not only are those two very different, the taste is much better when it comes to boneless wings.

Besides, who would want to have to deal with the pain and struggle taking out the bone when you can eat it all at once? Not only can it be an appetizer, it can also be a meal.

Every time I go to the BWW in Milford, I just can’t wait to order the usual dish of boneless wings, side of fries and a drink of my taste.

This isn’t to say that I am against the traditional wings. As someone who is a huge fan of meat, and as someone who grew up eating all kinds of meat all my life, whether I go somewhere like KFC, Goodfellas, Sitting Duck Tavern, Plan B, or another place; I wouldn’t dare say that I would not eat traditional wings, but I just think in terms of comfort and taste as a whole, I would much rather have the boneless wings.

We all have our tastes and I believe that for myself, I’m Team Boneless Wings.


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