Poet’s Corner: “Strangely” by Dhia A. Habboush, Professor

Trailing angles within my past

Seeking peace in corners

Hiding from my conscience

Complaining, like a hurt child,

Of a sorrow

Like a torrential bleeding…

Stalking me throughout my life

Overflowing my mood

Digging brooks

Reading through my books

And my endurance

Blazing memories of a home,

There, still

Living, are my sins

Trailing me…

Singing playful virgins;

Their psalms are still in the wind

Ringing in my ears,

Crossing the time are images

Teasing my fractured imagination…

As my age is

Finishing its journey,

With joy, I am

Looking at you

And, all the while

Like a congestion in my sky

My eyes are hiding the tears

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