Safety Comes First?

Student keying into a classroom in hopes of getting some studying done in time for midterms. Photo by Sabrina Garone/Spectrum.
Student keying into a classroom in hopes of getting some studying done in time for midterms. Photo by Sabrina Garone/Spectrum.

By Giovanna Gatto

Perspectives Editor

Midterms are creeping around the corner causing students to flee to their favorite study spots. Sacred Heart University offers many places for students to study and cram for their tests.

“All campus facilities are open during normal business hours when classes are scheduled. Some academic facilities containing sophisticated equipment require access approval in advance from instructors (if they are not present and it is after normal hours) with notification to public safety dispatch by said instructors,” said Paul Healy, Executive Director of Public Safety.

However, some students are finding it to be a little more difficult to access some of the classrooms and labs.

“It’s good that there are precautionary measures, but it can be a bit annoying when I have to go the Martire building late at night to edit a video because sometimes my card doesn’t let me into the editing rooms. It usually malfunctions when I need it the most,” said senior Thomas Spierto.

Without the proper preparation and planning, a student’s normal studying habits can be inconvenienced. Yet safety measures that are taken have a definitive purpose, and once they are understood they can be used for a student’s advantage.

“The Martire Center has specialized academic facilities and each college has protocols for their use and access. Therefore, with appropriate advance planning and approval from an academic instructor, students with an academic assignment can receive access to facilities with advanced technologies.” said Healy.

Building limitation can decrease a student’s accessibility. However, it also can increase their resources and expand their studying environment as long as protocols are understood and followed.

“When I was in a networking class we had 24 hour access to the networking lab. Even if some places close after hours, there is always somewhere to go and that is what I have always appreciated when I go to study on campus,” said senior Brian LoDeoble.

Whether it is a class a student takes, their major or a private request from public safety, there are ways to access study areas. Some places on campus have different protocols, but all precautions are with the intent of formulating a safer Sacred Heart environment.

“Students should always consult with their specific instructors regarding their needs to use technologies to complete assignments and schedule the time with appropriate stakeholders,” said Healy.

Aside from classrooms, Sacred Heart’s library welcomes late night access on certain days of the week. In turn, this accessibility is something that allows for more late night student study areas.

“As a student with many majors, the library is a great place to study. However, it often gets crowded, especially during midterms and finals. I just wish there were more places that have the accessibility that the library gives me,” said senior Sarah DeNisco.

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