She Said: A Look at Horoscopes

By Kelsey Hor

Co-Perspectives Editor

For this weeks topic, I welcome the skeptics to read why I stand by horoscopes as a guide to life. Unlike my friend Anthony over there, I believe that horoscopes can give an individual insight into their inner selves.

There are so many parts to the horoscope star charts that most people do not know. Just like all of us who are made up of so many things that make us who we are, people are also born under their sun, moon, and ascendant signs.

From the ancient Greek belief system that was eventually adopted by the Babylonians, the zodiac calendar has been in existence for centuries and is still read and believed by many today.

Horoscope enthusiasts believe that the sun sign indicates personality or personal views. Many look to the moon sign to better understand their emotional nature. Meanwhile, the ascendant sign is supposed to give insight on how others perceive you as an individual.

I was born under the sun sign Cancer. According to the astrological calendar, people under the Cancer sign have the characteristics of being moody, manipulative and impulsive as their negative weaknesses. On the other hand, Cancers are also very intuitive, sympathetic, extremely loyal, imaginative and passionate.

Now, I wouldn’t go crazy thinking that my horoscope dictates who I am, but it’s good to know that I’m more prone to these behaviors by nature than others.

Love is also a huge topic on the subject of horoscopes. So many look for horoscopes to predict what opportunities can be awaiting them for that week, month or year. Some signs are more compatible than others. Although, I wouldn’t advise it should be taken too seriously.  Since I’m a Cancer, the stars would say that I’m most compatible in love to individuals born under the signs Taurus, Scorpio, Pisces, and Capricorn.

Horoscopes can also be a great pick me up for starting off the day. Some individuals may feel if their horoscope says their going to have a good day today that they will have a better outlook about a particular situation they may be going through at that moment. Others may say that it is a confidence and power booster.

People interested in financial, business or related work may look to see if their financial statue will be successful or not in the future.

Many horoscopes might say for the day your optimism will make you stronger your love interests will increase, or it’s your time to change something new out with the old in with the new. Whether the horoscope is good or bad, at the end of the day it’s something that can inspire people to do better.

It’s always good to read about your horoscopes and find some love and inspiration in your life among the stars.

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