Super Bowl Traditions

BY: Laura Green, Gina D’Amico & Erica Condon

Staff Reporter, Perspectives Editor & Asst. Editor

What do you do to celebrate Super Bowl Sunday?

“Every Super Bowl Sunday, I wake up and order wings and pizza for before the game. I usually get enough food for all my friends and I. Every year, they come over and we have a big party, no matter who is playing,” said junior Andrew Demmings.

Many students, like junior Emma Sanders, have Super Bowl Sunday traditions that they look forward to every year.

“One tradition I had before coming to college was going to my grandparents’ house with my whole family. At my grandparents house, we bet on boxes and it is always really fun,” said Sanders. “Since I will not be home this year, I am going to be watching the Super Bowl with my friends from school. We are ordering a bunch of food and having some people over.”

“Usually, during the Super Bowl, I will either be with friends or family depending on where I am. One tradition I stick to no matter where I am is making buffalo chicken dip. It is my favorite food to eat during the game. I do not remember a Super Bowl without it,” said junior Erin Constantino.

In addition, freshman Tori Hanuschak looks forward to going home and spending the Super Bowl with her family.

“I always watch the Super Bowl with my family, and we actually place bets on how long the national anthem will last and what the score will be,” said Hanuschak.

Not only is junior Nicole Mucciarone excited to watch the game, she is also looking forward to a fun night filled with good company.

“I am just as excited to spend time with friends and eating good food as I am to celebrate America’s religion; football,” said Mucciarone.

Being a Massachusetts native, Constantino is hoping that the Patriots will win. Due to her native roots, whenever the Patriots win, she is excited to attend the parade.

“I love going to the parade, because it is all of us crazy fans. We all are able to come together and celebrate, which makes it awesome to be a part of such a big group,” said Constantino.

However, Demmings is rooting for the Rams to win the Super Bowl this year. He is hopeful that the Rams will beat the Patriots.

“I really want the Rams to win and I think they will. I am just sick of the Patriots always winning,” said Demmings. “I do not really have any big traditions, but I do always watch the game with my friends every year.”

Junior Matthew Wielk looks forward to watching the half-time show and the commercials.

“I really don’t even end up watching much of the game. I watch the half-time show and look for the commercials. I like to see who’s performing. I feel like there is always a lot of talk about how the half-time show will go because sometimes it’s really good or really bad, depending on the performer,” said Wielk.

Freshman Robert DiNota is also eager to watch the half-time show and see what Travis Scott has in store for his performance.

“I am always excited to see the half-time shows. Personally, this is always my favorite part of the Super Bowl. But I am especially excited this year because of the hype of Travis Scott’s world tour. This half-time show should be worth the anticipation.”

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