Weird and Oddly Satisfying Things

BY: Matthew Wielk

Staff Reporter

YouTube, Twitter and Instagram, are home to thousands of hours of content for people to watch “oddly satisfying” videos. This recent trend depicts certain situations where people create, destroy, modify or solve things that they find inexplicably satisfying.

“I like the paint mixing videos because I like to watch the color change when all different colors mix together,” said junior Emma Raggio.

An article from Live Science said some viewers think the videos are a form of stress relief. According to its website, Live Science covers some of the most relevant trending scientific news and topics.

“I just find it oddly satisfying and I don’t think people watch these videos to think a lot. I find it kind of relaxing,” said Raggio.

The most popular page on Twitter for these videos is @Oddly_Satisfied that has morethan 30,000 followers.

“I like to watch soap cutting videos on Twitter because they’re mesmerizing and I can watch them over and over again, but they don’t make me think,” said junior Ana Wolkenstein. “I think these videos are popular enough where people run accounts on social media. However, not a lot of my friends watch them.”

People typically watch these videos on their phones. According to Social Media Today, teens use their phones up to nine hours a day browsing through their social media.

“I always find myself watching these videos because it is an easy way to kill time. Sometimes I zone out while watching them and don’t even realize that I have gone through multiple videos in one sitting,” said junior Nikki Ziner.

According to Live Science, people watch these types of videos to view perfection which could please many people’s emotions.

“Some odd and satisfying things that people watch are things like people cutting colorful sand or pouring paint into a box with equal amounts of paint in them,” said junior Courtney Charbonneau. “I think people are interested in these things because the videos always turn out perfect and it’s satisfying.”

The explore page on Snapchat features these videos frequesntly. It shows shorter clips of what people think are oddly satisfying to them so they can share it with other people following the page.

“My favorite is to watch videos of people cutting soap that’s in little squares. The worst is when I go through Snapchat’s oddly satisfying page because once I start watching there’s no turning back for me,” said junior Laura Green.

It is easy for an oddly satisfying video to get hundreds of thousands of views. On Instagram, the same video has over one million shares using #oddlysatisfying.

“Those videos are some of the best, but also weirdest ideas ever. It’s something you can’t stop watching because it’s so cool, then you wonder why you’re watching someone cut a bar of soap in half, fill a glass of water to the very top, or even perfectly frosting a cupcake. All of these things seem so easy to do, when in reality it’s not,” said Ziner.

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