He Said: A Look at Horoscopes

By Anthony Santino

Co-Perspectives Editor

Yes, we’re partly made up of elements from the stars; and yes, constellations are cool to look at, but I don’t know how I feel about the never-ending horoscope hype.

First, I’ll give Zodiac culture the credit I feel it deserves. I do come across people who seem to think like their respective sign’s stereotypes. (Part of me feels this is a placebo effect of consuming a lot of horoscope content, but I digress.)

And even if there isn’t any substance to all of it, horoscopes give people perspective that they might’ve otherwise lacked. Whether the source is Gandhi or Gary the star expert from your local newspaper, wisdom helps us remember we’re all works in progress; so that’s a positive thing.

Now, on the other hand, I also think it’s a bit ridiculous to go around assuming the time of year one’s birthday lands on decides what kind of person one is. I mean, I’m an Aquarius…so what?

When looking at a given horoscope, it’s usually so vague or broad that it can apply to half the world’s population.

For example, according to the New York Daily News, part of my horoscope for today reads, “When some event or interaction shifts the flow of your personal story, that’s the moment to pay attention.” Really? That’s the kind of statement that’s a) common sense, and b) relevant to all people.

Again, a ‘pay attention’ kind of statement like that could serve as a valuable reminder if I were to come across it at a crossroads kind of moment. However, I don’t think it’s powerful enough to treat it as if it’s molded for my sign. An Aquarius can use that word of advice just as much as a Scorpio, a Libra, or an anything.

Now, to backtrack and provide another point of credit towards the horoscopes, I will say there are few things—at least to me—cooler than the stars.

I’m from New York City so seeing a star clearly isn’t something I’m used to. When I’m in certain parts of Connecticut, looking at the sky on a starry night is my version of seeing the Milky Way. It’s usually incredible and I can never get enough. I mean Galileo has nothing on my appreciation for a sky full of stars.

Despite that, the horoscope culture is still overrated to me. I do low-key identify myself as an Aquarius in select social situations if I have to, and with no problem, but I’ve still never completely bought into the hype. It’ll take a crazy prophecy from the morning paper (or maybe Spectrum) for me to be swayed on the matter.

I may be critical of them, but at the end of the day, I do understand the appeal of horoscopes. They’re usually either complimentary or riddled with generally good advice, and it’s hard not to respect that. Whether fans see them as a pick-me-up, a guiding light, or something in between, I guess my final stance on horoscopes is one of general indifference.

P.S. The horoscope of mine I cited earlier did have another line I found to be a good reminder. It reads, “You need some adventure; lately your life has been all about the small details.”

I can get down with that.

Adventure? Why not?

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