Donnelly’s Impact Felt on More Than Just the Course

Connor Donnelly, a man of many multitudes in the NEC community. Screenshot from NEC sports.

By William Callahan 

Contributing Writer

Sacred Heart University’s fifth-year men’s golfer Connor Donnelly is involved not only in the Sacred Heart athletics community, but also with the student-atheltes directly.

He serves as a Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) representative for the Northeast Conference (NEC).

“Being the National SAAC rep for the Northeast Conference means that I represent all the student-athletes of the NEC at the national level,” said Donnelly. “It is my job to make sure that I understand the current feelings of student-athletes in our conference, and make sure that I am as educated as possible on the current events in the NCAA.”

Donnelly has an important role both on and off the field as student athletes use him as their voice and he takes his job very seriously.

“I have the responsibility of making sure that I am representing my conference to the best of my ability,” said Donnelly.

According to its website, the purpose of the SAAC representatives is “to provide the Northeast Conference with a medium through which its student-athletes’ voices be heard on the regional and national level and to provide Northeast Conference student-athletes a voice in the Conference’s decisions.”

Donnelly values the position of acting as the voice for student-athletes.

“It means a lot,” said Donnelly. “I love doing what I do and feel like I have a job many others would want to have.”

The fifth-year graduate student considers this position among the most prestigious honors he has received at Sacred Heart.

“Being able to represent the NEC at the National level is what I am most proud of throughout my time as a student-athlete,” said Donnelly. “I love being able to say that I represent the student athletes in the NEC.”

Donnelly currently serves as a Graduate Assistant in the Office for Alumni Engagement. While he was an undergraduate, he was a Residential Life Assistant.

Donnelly’s dream is to one day become an athletic director at a college or university.

The SAAC has changed ever since Donnelly joined as a representative. He feels proud knowing that he has a made an impact on the Sacred Heart campus.

“I certainly hoped I have made an impact in my time here at Sacred Heart,” said Donnelly. “I really think that I have helped to change the way the SAAC is looked at.”

Donnelly’s input and contributions have paved the way for the future of the SAAC.

“Before myself and other leaders came into SAAC, it was mostly community service,” said Donnelly. “Now, in addition to community service, SAAC is tied to many other objectives including athlete events, as well as attendance at games for student athletes.”

Donnelly also hopes that the SAAC becomes more familiar to those who may not know what it is.

“I think that SAAC has become more well known around campus, and I am glad that I have had a part in that,” said Donnelly.

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