“Pack the Pitt” Brings the Community Together: Two Pioneer Basketball Games: Fun for Fans and Players

pack-the-pitt-general-adBy Kendall Clark

Staff Reporter

Sacred Heart men’s and women’s basketball team will be hosting their annual “Pack the Pitt” games in a new way this year.

The men’s game will take place on Thursday, Feb. 9 against St. Francis Brooklyn. The women’s game will take place on Monday, Feb. 20 against Fairleigh Dickinson University.

“I feel like it’ll be a good game. Last year our ‘Pack the Pitt’ game was the game that got us going and started to play better as a team,” said sophomore guard Quincy McKnight.

He further talked about how it’s important for him and the team to play at a high level and there was no doubt that they were all on the same page.

The energy and the excitement of the crowd is well liked by the team.

“Yeah, it’s very exciting. It’s the most fans we get every year. It’s very exciting for people to come out. I know a lot of familiar faces are going to be coming,” said Hoehn. “So it’s going to be cool to see all my friends and family members in the crowd.”

The importance of the game is also stressed each year.

“It’s like the first football game of every year. It’s very very packed, so you hope that everyone is there. You hope that everyone is cheering on their school. It’s very nice for us and it shows for the other sports that we have good school spirit,” said Hoehn.

The women’s team is just as pumped for their game as the men are.

Some feel as though “Pack the Pitt” is a great opportunity to bring the community together.

“It’s just a community thing. I think it’s cool to have everyone come out. I think it makes the atmosphere more exciting and it means a lot to us,” said senior Shelby Hickey.

Certain members of the team believe the game went well last year and hope to see the same turnout this year.

“You know, it was an exciting season last year. They felt our energy. So hopefully it’ll happen again this year,” said graduate student and guard Kelcey Castro.

Castro acknowledges that the team is very humble, as she made it clear no matter how well they are playing, they play as a team.

“Individually, I’m doing pretty well, but we’re more focused as a team. So we’re just going to focus on our goal, which is ultimately winning a championship and you know, striving to that goal,” said Castro.

Hoehn just had one simple statement to say when asked if he had anything to say to the fans.

“Hope to see you there,” said Hoehn.


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