Chapel Celebrates 10th Anniversary

By Louis Frey

Assistant News Editor

Last Wednesday, Sacred Heart celebrated the Chapel of the Holy Spirit’s 10th anniversary.

To celebrate the first decade of the Chapel of the Holy Spirit, a mass was held.

In attendance for the mass was Pope Francis’ United States representative, Archbishop Christophe Pierre.

“The Archbishop’s presence helped us recognize our global and temporal relationships. Not only is he a representative of the Vatican and the Pope, he has also lived and ministered in three continents and a variety of countries. Additionally, his presence and homily reminded us that as a catholic university we are centered in the message of Jesus and part of the lineage of believers, teachers and conveyers of his message since that time,” said Father Joseph Farias.

Pierre gave a homily that went along with the chapel’s theme.

“After speaking about the presence of the Spirit of God throughout the Bible he reminded students that like the prophets, they were filled with this same election, love and Spirit of God. And that is was fortuitous the chapel was named the Chapel of the Holy Spirit,” said Farias.

Having Pierre at the ceremony brought the Sacred Heart community together.

“It was a unique experience. Its unlike anything I’ve seen at Sacred Heart University. I loved how there was an incredible presence of the community. Sacred Heart’s faculty, staff and directors all came together with the student body and community alongside Archbishop Pierre, which was a once in a lifetime experience for me,” said Senior Dan Mariano.

Other festivities that occurred last Wednesday was a social celebration right after the mass, a dinner and academic discussion with university faculty and staff.

The chapel helps direct students and the community towards the university’s calling.

“It speaks to our mission, which is to help our students to be formed in mind, body and spirit and to live out our core values so that they can make a difference in the world,” said Executive Director for Mission and Catholic Identity, Lawrence Carroll.

To some, the sanctuary is what comes to mind when they think of the University.

“If you see a picture of Sacred Heart, you see our chapel. When I think of Sacred Heart I think of the Chapel of the Holy Spirit,” said sophomore Matthew Ferri.

Every part of the chapel has a purpose.

“Everything about it is intentional. Nothing was just by chance. We have these large clear glass windows by the entrance. That’s intentional: so that what goes on in the world can be brought into our prayer, reflection and worship experiences so that hopefully what takes place inside doesn’t stay inside, but that we’re transformed to go back out and have an impact on the greater world of global community,” said Carroll.

The location as well has it’s own meaning.

“Located in the center of our main campus, it grounds us physically and reminds us that as human beings we are a combination of mind, body, and soul as one interactive composite,” said Farias.

Students have taken note of the chapel’s location as well.

“Its incredible how its position directly in the center of the university and that they let this plot of land empty until they had the funds necessary to build the chapel. I think the way everything is lined up and how everything is intentional really adds another layer of beauty to it when you think about all the symbolism in the walls and the building itself,” said Marino.

These first 10 years have only been the beginning for the chapel.

“The chapel will always be that message to people to be welcomed, to come in, to use it well, to be nourished, to be refreshed, to be supported, to be consoled and a place where we can gather our community. I think it’ll always be the key place of gathering for many reasons for the future,” said Carroll.

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